The WCc and where we stand

So Pepperdine just finished knocking off SMC and that is the first time this year a bottom tier team has knocked off one of the big three. I alluded to this before when I said SMC has not played outside of their home court but twice this year and they now have lost two of four games on the road, I just think it’s tough to play on the road no matter who you are

I think the WCC continues to be a two team dance league and I think that Byu stands a very good chance of getting in there as the second team.

Here is how I think it will play out. Gonzaga will continue its domination just because they have 2 NBA players. GU has shown that they are suspect on the road and pulled off miracle wins against PDine as well as SCU.

SMC will lose games on the road. That is the nature of a 3 point shooting team. More losses to come.

BYU is in the same boat as SMC. We have two fab. freshmen which bodes well for our future but the road is never kind to guard heavy teams and BYU will loss some.

I have always felt that BYU is better than SMC so we will see.

We played terrible at Saint Mary’s. Seem to be picking up steam lately, but I think our suspect D will cost us 3-4 more losses in conference.

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So the real question here is: Does BYU get the win over SMC and Gonzaga at home but lose to a Pepperdine, SF and Gonzaga on the road…and still make the dance?

To be frank here, I worry that SMC, who was seated a #7 this week in the latest bracketology, losses on the road to too many teams and loses the eye of the national pollsters because beating a strong SMC, who is ranked, is the only way BYU can get SOS upgrades from here on out.