The Women show how it should be done

BYU Women Basketball team won today to move into the finals of the WCC Tournament. They will play Gonzaga. Maybe Jeff Judkins should take over the men’s team?

I was thinking the same thing. I believe the layies were behind some 13 points and they came back after Juddie called time out. Good job ladies.

Acturally we did talk about that few times in 2 or 3 years. So Hopper, now you are saying Dave Rose need to go or retire right?

Are you suggesting that Rose is doing a bad job coaching? All season long you have defended him to the death and have never claimed there is anything wrong with the team, with his coaching or with the program.

Why the about face now?

I just thought I’d throw that in to see what reaction would happen. The loss was because of the players.

How’s this for a reaction comment?

The BYU basketball program has been sliding downhill (and there is lots of proof to back up this assertion) ever since Jimmer left. If that is the players fault, then it is also Dave Rose’s fault because he is the one that recruited them.

What do you have to say about that?

The team won 19 games when they made their shots enough to win. Saturday, they made only 25% of their shots. So, that is the fault of Rose. If that’s the case, when they were shooting around 50% during the wins, that has to be the fault of Rose too.
So, the only conclusion is the players most of the time do what the coach teaches and coaches. They just didn’t do what the coach wanted them to do. So yes, it’s the players choice. Too much hero ball Saturday and it got out of control.

Wow. Such a simplistic analysis from a former coach. You can do better… I think. Well actually I’m not so sure.

The team won 19 games because they played a lot of weak teams. There is more to the game than just making shots… like creating opportunities, playing tough defense, having the right combination of players, chemistry, playing talent and potential instead of hacks who don’t play all that well. I could go on and on but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

At least the women’s team didn’t roll over and play dead or use the excuse that “it is tough to beat the same team three times in a season” like the coach and men’s team did.

BYU - 82 Gonzaga - 68

The women’s team takes down Gonzaga again. The Bulldogs only lost 4 games this season, 3 of them to BYU. That’s how you play basketball and more importantly how you coach it.

We had all those things. We had plenty of open shots. We missed 75% of them. You are trying to complicate things that don’t need complications.

Yeah for the BYU ladies. Are you interested now Jim H?

Down goes Gonzaga

I agree with Jim!

So, you both have are wrong. So what’s new?:hugs:

Grammar test

Grasshopper fail.

I am just stunned that the BYU ladies were able to get a win in the semi finals without having played a game yet … in that Orleans Arena! They only had a 20 min warm up time … GU girls did the same thing. GU men and St Mary’s men … same issue. Can you believe that they won against teams who had already gotten their shooting eyes on that court??? Rose says that this bracket thing needs to be looked at … hurts teams who are higher seeds. That is the funniest quote of the year from Rose. But he was serious!

Loll! :smile:

Really, 20 minutes, that’s it? Wow! During NCAA Tournament, do each team also practice 20 or some minutes before each round in some venues?

Rose should either retire or be fired. He has lost his marbles. Nice guys can finish last you know.

Losing coaches sometimes say the darnedest things, just like coaches. But I can see his point. The WCC is a cheap and weal league. Or is it “Rec.” League.