There are folks who actually want byu to play 9 p5 teams!

BYU faces a 4 and 5 team with team unrest at the start of the week and their HC announcing his retirement and they cannot beat that team. Poorly played and poorly coached. Playing 9 P5 teams the Y would win 2, 3 or perhaps 4 games. The real honesty is that we are a G5 team. It hurts me to admit that we should join a G5 conference where we would be in the top 3/4 of such a conference… We are going to get smacked down even with next year’s schedule. How weak and truly pathetic.

We are a G5 team now. We don’t have the depth of P-5 teams. This year we went 1 and 3 against P-5 teams.
But if we ever got into a P-5 conference it would take us four or five years, yes, even longer than Utah to compete, because of the Honor Code, the RM recruiting thing and our lack of getting more African American non-LDS players. If BYU doesn’t make it into P-5 fairly soon, it is either Indy or G5 like the American Athletic Conference. That appears to be our DNA. Even Brent Mussburger’s comment about us getting into the Big 12 (10) on the SEC Network today, is years away, if it ever happens.

I know we Mizzou was better and deserved to win. But I was disgusted by the non-call on the long pass to Matthews on 3rd and 15 in the 4th Quarter. Watching live, I didn’t know how bad the facemask was. But they showed replays and Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer (announcers) both said that was a total mistake by the refs not to call that. Matthews had the ball in his hands but the pull of his facemask sideways caused or contributed to him dropping the ball.

Craig: Watching the game on TV I totally agree with you on the face mask non-call.Were those Big 12 officials trying to make BYU look worse and maybe steal a victory for Mizzou? Just a thought. The Big Twelve Conference seems to have or want a lot of excuses to keep BYU out of their crib. Anything will or could do as an excuse.
But we did play an uninspiring game.

Please don’t lay this on the officials. This was a poorly played and poorly coached team. Someone on this board wondered why there was not as much activity before and after tonight’s game. Perhaps 10 to 15 percent might be the way this thing is laid out but it’s (IMO) mostly due to the reality that BYU is not a big time team / program. I know I am not interested in watching the last game or the bowl game. Next year, I will look at the BYU game scores but I have decided to no longer go to the games or watch or listen on radio. I have been religiously overinvolved with BYU football for over 40 years and it’s time to let go. I hope for the Cougars to win every game they play from here on out but . . . whatever.

I’m new here, and am a Cougar fan from Alabama. I regret my first post is this, but being honest I must say that my beloved Cougars just aren’t good enough to compete in a power conference. They may win a few games here or there against big12 teams, but they would be homecoming fluff for SEC teams. Can’t even beat a team ranked below Vanderbilt and Kentucky in the SEC. Sad :frowning:

Officials had a lot to do with this loss. Some bad calls that allowed Mizz to score a touchdown. And, that face mask missed was big. If we had won, 8-2 and everyone would be saying just the opposite. Stop acting like a troll.

Yes, terrible non call. But in real time I didn’t even notice it, and if the ref was between the defender and the sideline he could have easily missed seeing it as well. Maybe Davis and Hanneman should try grabbing a face mask and holding on, and maybe they wouldn’t wind up on highlight reels so often.

I thought every call on us was a good one; I thought the refs missed a couple holds to help us out, so that wipes out the face mask no call. I am Bronco’s biggest fan but he looks better against American conference coaches with teams full of 1 and 2 star recruits than he does against Harbaugh and Pinkel with their top shelf athletes. Keep watching. Next year will be the first time maybe in history that we have two 4 star defensive backs on the field together (Dayan Lake and Troy Warner). This year our best DBs are Nacua, who was lightly recruited as a QB and Wadsworth, who is a walk-on. Our D looked incredibly overmatched against the very worst–by a MILE–SEC offense. Yes we have a ways to go.

It’s always the officials to blame for why we lose. If Missou had not been so inept in the red zone they may have won by 28 points. It is baffling why people cannot accept that we got beat, that we are inferior to a poor SEC offensive team with all their difficulties this week. If this year’s team were in the SEC, we might win 2 games - non-conference games that is. Bronco will never take this program beyond where it has been the past 5 years. He is an adequate G5 coach but that is about it. Unless there is miraculous improvement in the offseason and through next fall camp, we are looking at a 4, 5 or possibly 6 win season next year. I’ll keep watch of the scores next year through the paper or internet and hope for the best.

There are other refs watching the play and this is not basketball where refs can’t see heads being yanked by face masks. Terrible non-call.
The targeting was a phantom call and I think when it’s reviewed that will be overturned. The QB was pushed and if the helmet hit him, it was in the chest and not the helmet. Even the announcers were saying it was a proper textbook play

there are some coaches who have to be fired before BYU makes any impact as a P-5 school. I would start with our DB coach.

I would seriously look for a better OC first. You do what you can with DB to get them to look for the ball and that’s all you can do.
Bronco has to be seriously looked at as a defensive coach. With 3rd downs, he has the DB’s too far off and the QBs always either make an easy pass like several times last night or they run easily for 1st downs.

Scott, they also missed a blatant facemask call on a BYU defender (think it was Davis)…

so they missed a lot of calls, overall I think they were pretty good officials…

Sorry, Tom… but you won’t see them on the field because Bronco has a predefined distaste for “star” players.

Maybe in their sophomore years, but not their freshman year.

Wow, you really do not know what you are talking about when it comes to penalties… that was the BEST call the Officials made all night…

YES it was Targeting (The player left his feet AND made contact with the crown of the helmet). The player was lucky he did not get booted… IT was clearly AFTER the ball left his hand and the player still had time to pull up…BUT he choose to be stupid instead… Bronco should have benched him for that.

BYU has a great coach in Bronco… if you want to be a mid-level team, yea you will get 8-10 wins a season because of the scheduling.

In my opinion, Bronco can not put BYU into the next level of being consistent winning against the better P5 teams, He has a horrible record in hiring coaches (Anae as OC, Nick Howell as DC and DB coach).

I think Scott is right, BYU better pray that Hawaii hires Anae as their next head coach, because with him being OC, our chances of winning goes way down against good teams.

He did not leave his feet. He pushed the player with his hands. His helmet went into his chest. His helmet didn’t touch his helmet. Maybe grazed his face guard. That was not targeting and once again, you prove to old saying, "your blind ump your blind ump you must be out of your mind ump!

All you have to do is watch Tautu move his upper body forward to hit the guy. If Tautu actually missed the Missou QB’s helmet or facemask, there’s another mistake in his intention. What a moronic play.

Agreed. I am going to eat a bowl of ice cream and ponder what play was our most moronic play of the night:

  1. Tautu’s late hit
  2. Davis mugging a receiver in the end zone who was not an intended receiver and whose coach apparently doesn’t work with the DBs on situational awareness.
  3. Allowing a non running QB to run untouched for 23 on 3rd and 19 with the game on the line.
  4. Langi running AWAY from the designed hole on 3rd and 5 to allow the RB 6 yards before anyone touched him.

I’m glad it’s Breyer’s mint chocolate chip, because it will take me awhile to decide on this one…