There is always something sweet about beating Utah

Straight up, Lucas is winning games for BYU. He is even more important as a transfer then Haarms was.
On a night that Barcello became human, Lucas elevates his game to a new level.

Baxter is the confident Sr. that we all hoped he would be. Just gets better every game. And with Foos, they really gave Carlson all he wanted.

Lohner came back and redeemed himself…12 boards on the way to a double double.

hey, they finally reigned in George. 2-3 and zero 3 point attempts sounds about right.

BYU out rebounds Utah 45-28, that is a redicccccccoulous stat.

BYU 45-28 rebounds that’s-NICE!!!
Keep it up cougars

And how about that so far BYU has beaten PAC 12 in both Utah and Oregon basketball and five PAC 12 football games. BYU is conference of champions

Haha, nice one Dew!

I’m sure that we will be seeing shirts pop up. I wear a size Lg just in case you all snag one for Christmas

Large??? Here I thought you were like 6’6” tall. As far as shirts, he can send me XL and I’m not even fat. He can embroider “Narcissist “ for the both of us