There is some hope

A friend of mine said he saw the offense in Phoenix rushing to the airport to try to get to the game before the game ends.

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Oh, that’s a good one. They better hurry! :wink:

So how long do we make excuses for the rookie coaches?

This game was full of poor decisions… trying to run it out of the endzone on 4th down fake punt… trying a field goal with 15 seconds left…

But wait… they are rookie coaches and we need to give them time. :laughing:

4 losses by a total of 8 points… each loss with numerous poor decisions.

Hey, they are in their honeymoon season. At least some of the decisions this year are aggressive. The rugby player trying to run it out of the end zone, though, was dumb, dumb, dumb.

Agree. In addition, 11 turnovers in the Utah and BSU games gift wrapped to us and we can only score two touchdowns off them and lose both games. Painful.

It would be different if BYU were competing in every game and losing by 2 touchdowns but they are not. They have had ample opportunity to win each of these games they lost. Beside that point is the fact that the defense has created multiple turnovers in those games giving the offense numerous opportunities to capitalize. They fail to do that more often than not.

Nobody will notice that they lose a bunch of close games. They will only notice that the team has an average record and is nothing more than an average team that beats somebody significant every 5 years or so.

In reality BYU is the same team they are every year… lots of hype, losing winnable games and never realizing their “potential”.

I humbly submit that without pick sixes vs Utah and WVU we win both games…just sayin’

and what about the 2 pick sixes against Boise?

Had we won that game what could they have said… without those 2 picks against BYU we would be undefeated… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a nice comment to consider but doesn’t have much legitimacy… all things considered.

But we didn’t beat BSU, so they can say, “Wow, our sophomore QB made some terrible passes but we won anyway.” We are left saying, “Our 6th year senior can’t pass and makes bad decisions, so we lost.”

Here is what the numbers say (courtesy of ESPN):
Taysom Hill is 115th in yards/attempt
Taysom Hill is 112th in passer rating
NO ONE–again, NO ONE–has more attempts with fewer TD passes (the QB from Idaho has the same 9 TDs in exactly one more attempt).
It is very easy to make the statistical argument that Taysom Hill is perhaps the worst passer of all starting QBs in D1 football.

He is a wonderful guy. He is gritty. I’m sure he will be a great stockbroker. But the stats say he is a terrible passer, and an inefficient passer. He could get over that when he was a great runner, but he is not anymore. He could get over it if he didn’t make bad decisions, but our losses are littered with decisions by a 6th year senior that would get a high school kid benched. Taysom Hill will be wildly successful in life, but Detmer blew it this year giving him the keys and such a long leash. With our EXTREME good fortune in turnover margin, this team is good enough to have had a very special season with even mediocre QB play. 115th in y/a and 112 in rating is not mediocre. It is terrible. Had Mangum been playing and been even a TINY bit better, we are 7-1 and in the hunt for a NYD bowl game. I think it’s highly likely Mangum could do a litte bit better. By the way BSU’s Rypien is touted as an NFL QB. His numbers as a freshman last year were almost identical across the board to Mangum’s.

I am not defending Hill. The excuses ran out a long time ago. There are none left. He has not been very good at all. Maybe it is something about Idaho… if that is the case, Mangum would make me nervous too. Just the fact that Hill is so bad makes an obvious case that Mangum could not be as bad or worse. Things would be better and the fact that all of the losses have been so close certainly makes one wonder what might have been.

But isn’t that the BYU mantra? Always wondering what could have or might have been?

I’m not sure we would know how to handle something different than that.

Now YOU are making me cry too…I’m afraid we could play another 100 years and not get this many turnovers, but all for naught…