They hit 3's and we missed 3's

All things pretty much equal except SC shot 31 's to our 15. They made 45% we made 20%.
We had a 6 minute drought. That took us out too.
Emery was okay on defense but couldn’t get his leg into his shots. Haws wasn’t square again on his shots. Mika was under his average. Mika misses a layup and Haws misses an easy layup.
I’m also wondering why we waited so long to press full court. I think we might want to start the game in a press. Get us going!

Wow, that’s some analysis. Santa Clara hit 3’s and BYU missed 3’s.

This team has been pretty disappointing so far this season.

Believe it or not, I was actually thinking BYU had a small chance of beating Gonzaga next week. I was thinking about how they were starting to look better, starting to play as a team, then the pressure on Gonzaga to keep the streak alive would be tough and BYU just might catch them on an off night, etc.

There is still a chance, but it is about 1 in 10 or less now…

That’s basically it when you look at the big 40 minute picture. Every other stat was mostly the same.
I’m actually pretty serious about starting the game in full court press mode. Get their motor going early.
I just look at them in the court against the other teams and I see physical weakness. Skinny and easily bumped off their feet. They have to get into the weight room and put on some serious muscle.