Things are beginning to come together

As long as Collingsworth plays a team game, we are looking like I thought. The inside game is coming along. We have an inside and outside game.
Free throw shooting was much better too. Turnover numbers were in range but it’s still the type of turnovers we can get better. The lazy passes.

Agree to a point, but playing on your home floor is, and should be, much easier. BYU is obviously a much better team at home.

Having said that, I was a little surprised how Gonzaga struggled against Montana at home… maybe the Zags aren’t as good as they think they are.

Is it possible that BYU has a chance against them this season? Does it matter how good or bad Gonzaga is?

Nah… expect the same result we have seen in the past. Gonzaga will finish first and BYU will fight for a spot somewhere between 2nd and 4th.

Playing on home floor does make it look easier; and the team is clearly much better at home. However, half a game at Utah, most of a game at the Delta Center, whatever it is called these days, against Weber State, and then a full game, except for the last two minutes, against USU, certainly looks like a positive trend. Turnovers have been down against Utah, WSU, and USU, free throw shooting is starting to look as good as last year, the inside out game is getting closer to being an actuality.
If CK can stop fouling so much then he and KD getting massive minutes in the paint will improve the team immensely.
Gonzaga’s not playing near as well as they usually do. But still better than BYU to this point. But some of the other WCC teams look to be better than expected. The Cougs need to continue to improve and need desperately to BEAT COLORADO to get some bubble clearance this year.
The only other opportunity they have to make waves will be to beat Harvard, New Mexico or Auburn and hope that they can make a good show of it against OK. A win against OK will be as good as the win against Stanford a couple of years ago or against the Zags last year on their home court. It would move a bubble team and record a notch above enough to get another one and done schedule in the NCAA.
This team is better than a one and done but doesn’t have the schedule this year to prove it unless they go undefeated in the conference except the Zags and that may not even be enough depending on other bubble teams results…

Zags aren’t as good as everyone thought. Can they get better? Sure! So can we! We have a chance this year. See how we do against CU Saturday.