Things I have been thinking about

The little 10 fiasco is devastating to BYU and its future hopes. We need to be in a conference. we need to be playing for something in Oct and Nov. BYU wins plenty, we just need validation by being in a P5 conference.

Bronco Mendenhall really needs to be commended for how strong he left the BYU program. No way could Sitake be pulling out these wins without great talent and it will be years before we see the full fruits of Sitake’s recruiting.

1st it was Ricks, now BYU Hawaii. I cannot comprehend BYU pulling out of sports…ever. But its something to think about. BYU’s broadcast facility, our Olympic sports success and this dream team of football coaches tell me that BYU will keep sports regardless of the football map

Lastly, We are finally seeing the vision that Tom Holmoe had when he put together Bronco’s replacements. Sitake is such a breath of fresh air when compared with the stoic Mendenhall.
Tuiaki impresses me most with his timely substitutions, not gambling when you don’t need to (Bronco drove me nuts) and lastly, in game adjustments.
Detmer is not only the genius we knew he would, but the players would run through fire for him and he sure can make everyone feel calm in the eye of the storm.
Lamb brings a great recruiting eye and head coach tutoring to this young staff.
Empey and Kaufusi have worked wonders with their linemen
and Cahoon will bring in huge benefits to QBU.

Good post; I agree about BYU never getting rid of sports, as some have postulated. Lest we forget, the athletic department at BYU is financially self-sustaining, but at UH is far from it and I imagine ditto at Ricks. I agree with everything you say about our new staff. I was the last guy who wanted Bronco to leave, and always defended his role as BYU HC, but I can admit now that sometimes change is good, and how can you not like the changes that Sitake brings to the program?