This is an article about Pope trying to establish a pipeline

This goes along with some of what Jim and Fish are talking about.

My question is that Europe seems to play a different type of game that the US (they are more into finesse rather than physical), how would that play out in college ball?

any ideas?

Ask Coach Few and St. Mary’s :-/~

And how well did they do in the “Big Dance”?

Pretty well-final 8

Okay. How did BYU do in the Big Dance?

Yea, but the key for Gonzaga success was never the foreign player. Also what about St. Mary’s? Scott mentioned them and they loss in the first round.

Well there is a lot of reasons why BYU is not doing anything in the “Big Dance”, and it has nothing to do with having foreign players.

Go ask Jim to explain it to you, he may need a shovel to get it through your hard head. :open_mouth:

Maybe jackhammer would be better solution :smile:

The got to the Dance, didn’t they :slight_smile:
Gonzaga has a lot of foreign players that do a lot of playing. So does St. Mary’s. But, they also recruit elsewhere too.

I think foreign players have gotten more physical in the last 5 years, but u r right the used to be finesse players

Coaching for one. Few is a great coach. Gonzaga has had quite a number of players go to the NBA that didn’t make a splash. We will see how Clarke, Hachimura, and Tillie do. Norvell I don’t think so. If you lose your entire starting lineup and dominate the next year it means you have great coaches and a great recruiting system

Granted Few is a great coach… That in itself makes a better team.