This is Nuts/ Utah vs Oregon!

If Utah loses to Oregon twice they go to the Rose Bowl and Oregon goes to the CFP. If Utah beats Oregon just once Oregon drops out of the CFP and Oregon goes to the Rose Bowl. Talk about an incentive to lose. Wow. “Say it aint so Joe”

The PAC12 is a great league, isn’t it? Of course, the CFP nonsense is the root cause and it’s all political. Time to have a real playoff with 16 teams. At least expand to 8.
What will Witt do? What is the moral and ethical thing to do with all that money they and the PAC12 can make by fixing the games? If Utah does lose both times, will anyone believe they didn’t throw the games? If they win one or both, will the PAC12 kick them out?
The same thing could happen to BYU in their new league if there isn’t a better system in place like mentioned above.

You raise a valid point and one that’s fun to think about–

Utah plays Oregon on November 20. But other than that the Utes have two layups against cellar dwellers Arizona and Colorado. Win or lose against the Ducks, the Utes are winning the P12 south and playing in the P12 championship game, where the winner goes to the Rose Bowl.

The Ducks still have to beat an above average Wazzu team to win the North (if Wazzu beats the Ducks, Wazzu likely wins the P12N). Assuming the Ducks beat Wazzu, it’s Oregon and Utah in the P12 championship.

If the Ducks beat Utah on 11/20 AND in the P12 championship, the Ducks surely are in the CFP and the Utes at 8-5 back into the Rose Bowl. So if the Utes win on 11/20 it knocks the Ducks out of the CFP, but the Ducks win the P12 championship, the Ducks rep the P12 in the Rose Bowl. In that scenario an unranked Utah team goes to a no name bowl.

So the key game for Utah is the 11/20 game, because if they LOSE on 11/20, they go to the Rose Bowl whether they win OR lose the P12 championship game to the Ducks. So the Rose Bowl could have an unranked 8-5 Utah team from the P12. So much for the credibility of “The Granddaddy of Them All.” :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

This is what happens when the focal point becomes the love of money. It happens to individuals, families, organizations, etc. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Many people would suggest otherwise as they are obsessed with capitalism and the pursuit of riches and money, but I am here to state that it is what it is… and that is the root of all evil.

People blame all the problems in the world on religion, those who seek after power and domination, etc. but I am here to state that all of those blames are rooted in the love of money and gain. A man who seeks after riches and justifies it by saying he is just trying to give a better life to his family is a fool. More often than not he sacrifices his family for the pursuit and love of money, material possessions and approval from society but not from his God.

I think I will stop there.

Utah also goes to the RB of they win both, so the incentive to lose only really applies if they lose the first one.

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You almost made your point but felt short, again. The love of money is a root to evil. Agreed. But, a father or mother who prepares to support their family and ends up with a successful business or career doesn’t mean it’s evil. Nor is it evil to make a good life for your family and bless others because of your success.
It’s clear that through only capitalism can the poor be lifted out of poverty. Socialism hurts the working class and poor but never the wealthy. Inflation doesn’t touch the wealthy. I think I’ll stop now.

Not so fast everybody. If Utah loses all its games against Oregon it means it’s a five lost team. The Rose Bowl committee can then select anybody from the PAC 12 if they are ranked ahead of Utah.

Oregon has to win all of its games and even then it is not a lock to be in the playoffs

why not take BYU to the Rose Bowl?

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You always look at issues as an either this or that so you fall short. I made my point and fell short of nothing. I wasn’t comparing the two, I was only talking about the love of money. I won’t get into a lengthy discussion about it except to add one last thing…

You can buy anything in this world with money but all that is really necessary is having sufficient for your needs. That perspective would be just fine, unfortunately we live in a worldly society that doesn’t understand what it truly means to be Christ like.

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There you go. I like that and it would be fitting seeing as Byu is the pack 12 championship this year

I think you should meditate on that verbal exchange more. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful and live in a mansion, fly jets and so on. If you did, you would probably by in a position to give many jobs to people so they would have sufficient for their needs.
I would also point you to scripture that says “wants and needs.” Not just needs. We don’t live under the United Order yet.
You are right that there are many who don’t give to the poor and needy when they could. But, we shouldn’t be deciding that rich people are automatically evil too. The one thing that is true since Karl Marx came up with the plagiarized concept of the United Order with Socialism is Socialism cannot work long term. Hardly short term because it demands tyranny and loss of liberty and freedom. Capitalism can also be misused and obviously is at times. But, it’s the only system for the world right now that allows for liberty and freedom in companionship with the U.S. Constitution.

Who is doing that? You are making an inference based on assumptions that aren’t accurate.

It sure sounds like you are inferring that to be Christlike you can only live within your means. Anything more is not Christlike but worldly. So, how much is too much?

I don’t think I will comment on that question because it is an individual thing unique to every situation. Of course that is how it works in every aspect of life really.

So back to the original point. There really isn’t a “perverse” incentive here (economics terms). If Utah wins both games, Utah goes to the RB as Pac12 champ. If Utah loses to Oregon in the first game, but wins the championship game, Utah goes to the RB as champ. If Utah wins the first game but loses the second, Oregon drops out of the CFP and goes to the RB as champ. Of Utah loses both, the RB becomes a lottery they may not win.

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Yeah, better not to even think about it and just accept that it happens in every facet of sports. It boggles the mind the way gambling has made its way into every aspect of sports nowadays. It is almost like you can’t just enjoy the games anymore. Everything is about the line, the over/under, etc.

Anyhow, the basketball team is looking really good. BYU blew Oregon out tonight.

If Utah wins at home over Oregon and Oregon wins in the P12 championship. Oregon plays in the Rose bowl and BYU has a chance at a NY6. If Utah wilns both games, Utah plays in the Rose, Oregon is out. If Oregon wins both games, BYU is out.

translation - Regardless of what happens, BYU is out.

Nah we just need Utah to win one of two games against Oregon

Pessimist…Have a little faith :slight_smile: