This is something I wish our government would do more

Where corporations/government works together to solve problems. Keep politics out of it, let the capitalistic environment of our economy help the government find the answers to problems.

wishful thinking. Last night CNN and every Trump hating media center ran the big news of the day, "

Making fun of the President…even as Gov. Cuomo said that it appears that hydroxychloroquine is a lifesaver on their worst cases.
Libs are ripping hair out in chunks over the president’s popularity. Trump may be the biggest narcist, painfully sad communicator in all the land, but I have not seen a more effective man in the presidency in my lifetime outside of maybe Reagan.

I know, it is not just “Media”, some of the democrats are talking about starting an investigation into how we handled this pandemic, while the pandemic is still going on… Seriously?

like I said before, if they want to have one after the pandemic to find out if there was better ways to handle a pandemic, then great… just like 9/11, they found some issues and tried to address them with Homeland department.

That is why I am proud Utah government and private sector is showing the country it can be done in a useful and important way. Even the democrats are happy with this collaboration. :open_mouth:

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Fish is 100% right.