This may be the biggest signing BYU has done in years

Russian Star Egor Demin Commits to BYU (

The Russian native and guard for Real Madrid is one of the best international prospects in the world. Egor last August measured 6-foot-9 in shoes and a wingspan just a hair under 7 feet. Egor is widely projected as a first round pick in a loaded 2025 Draft; ESPN projected him as a lottery pick in the 2025 draft back in February. ESPN’s Jonathan Givony recently projected Demin as a top 10 pick in a loaded 2025 NBA draft.

This is not a high school 4 star pick, This is a ligit contender proven talent who lead Real Madrid Spain.

Elite passer
Elite defender
Elite shooter both at the Rim, mid shot and long ball

can play 1-4…he can play the point and will play the point in the NBA.

BYU just went from a OK big 12 team to a contender.


Imagine the competition in practice. Would Robinson even be the 6th man? He might have a better shot at Kentucky of playing. Is he a real competitor that can fight for playing time?
The only thing about Demin is the one and done thing. How about 2 years at least :grin:

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With the addition of Mawot Mag to the team, BYU is complete with all the big holes filled.

Let’s face it, BYU was scoring juggernaut last year with the typical “can’t defend a lick” moniker and a 1st round face plant in the big dance. Adding Mag to the picture goes away from KY’s vision of BYU basketball (the NBA game and scoring machine) but perfectly complements guys like Egor Demin or Tevin Knell because this kid will defend lights out and stop a star on the opposing team and just how many games did BYU lose to one guy, at the end of games, in the Big 12?