This pretty much hits the nail on the head about hiring Ty Detmer in the first place

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Let’s see if BYU hires a successful.D1 OC from another D1 program. I will be surprised if they pull it off.

Of course they won’t. We don’t have that money. But I could see a position coach from d1 p5 or a oc/hc from lower ranks. 20 years of experience in coaching at that level would be nice.

Well, there is always a chance that a guy with little experience just has a knack for the job, but to say that uou don’t think there is an option that might be a lot better than Ty is … so we should just keep him in the job is a non starter. There are conversations going on now with people who may be interested in coaching at BYU and would take a pay cut to do so. We will see what happens! There are a few of you on this board who defend poor poor performance on the field and on the court and when it is recognized by the majority of us as terrible coaching, play calling, shooting, defense or any other malady you rail against our observations! Then when the administration does what many of us say needs to be done you get mad and defensive! I think you know the posters I am talking about.

So when one of these type coaches is hired as OC and The Y has a poor to mediocre year next year, Sitake can fire him and save his job for 2019.

What I am saying is that one bad year is hardly the performance record for firing a man, I don’t care who that man is or how poorly the team performed. You folks who are happy that Ty was fired will not count last year as a good year for Ty because you have all kinds of excuses why the team won 9 games in spite all of Ty’s supposed failures last year. You will kick him to the curb for one really poor year but not credit him for a good year. Also while you folks give lip service to the fact that some players acted out and that there were so many injuries that 3rd, 4th and 5th stringers, many of who were freshmen, it is only lip service and you cite only Ty’s supposed short comings.

And it sounds like thawk that you have inside information on what BYU is doing to find another OC. Yes, I know that the administration follows and acts on your recommendations and those who say “hold on a minute,” are just poor angry, frustrated people jealous of the lack of power and influence with the administration. I have to stop now because I am crying so hard I am afraid my tears will ruin my keyboard. :cry:

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No, you are not getting it! If the new OC doesn’t perform next year … Sitake and Holmoe will be looking for new jobs! That is how it will play out

No. If the offense stinks and we don’t make it to a bowl game Sataki is done. Frankly, if the team doesn’t look competent Sataki could lose his job anyway.

@thawk is right. If next year is 6 wins…it’s very likely Sataki is gone. Maybe not depending on bowl win or not and depending on how competitive they are.

6 Hopeful wins next year:

Utah State
New mexico

Lose one of those games and you’re done. Unless…

You need to beat at least two of these teams if you lose one of the first six:

Boise St

Now if you beat Utah…that might cover a multitude of sins…

The other two games:


Don’t expect wins there. But if you show you’re competitive with those teams, thats a point in your favor. If they actually won one of those games…that might save your job if you were at 6 wins at the end of the season depending on how inteligently you played.

Other Concerns:

Injuries…if you don’t change your S & C program and injuries continue, then right or wrong you will be held accountable for that.

Team discipline…Do not be Crowton, you have been warned.

Worse case secario: 3 wins Mcneese, UMASS (please don’t make me regret this), and one other bottom 6 and you are done, Perhaps even midseason after the UMASS game. Oh and if you lose to Mcneese or UMASS, you are instantly done.

Best case: Beat the bottom 6, Beat 2 or 3 of the middle 4, (I refuse to hope for beating Utah) And be competitive in both Wiscy and Washington, win a bowl game.

I made the exact point at the time and was told I was nuts by most BYU fans. There’s no guarantee that a great QB, even one good enough to win the Heisman Trophy can coach. Different skill set altogether.

There was a great article (I posted it somewhere on this site) about Ty and it was John Beck speaking…

He made some interesting comments about Ty as OC…

He believes Ty is a great coach, but the problem at BYU is that he not only had to teach his players the Spread Offense, but also the Assistants how the scheme works and how to coach it their players to perform.

Add to that the talent level currently at BYU is not up to snuff…

So John’s opinion was that Ty hit a perfect storm (lack of players, novice coaches and tough schedule).

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I’d like to read that. I’ll look for it. I actually didn’t think BYU would fire Detmer due to his hero status at the school. I love Ty Detmer but I’m glad they did.

True, but I’m glad they gave Ty a try. Some people with no coaching experience turn out to be great coaches, and you can’t know which one you have until you give him a chance.

Otherwise, nobody would ever get their big break and people would only ever hire people with experience.

Hey Roy! You can quit crying now while the rest of us laugh a little!!

All I can say is that it took 10 full length towels to soak up my tears and now I only cry twice a day. But I am not crying for Ty, I am crying for the lousy process of how this was decided. And just remember that Grimes has no real play calling experience. My expectation is if the record is similar to this year and the offense is stinking up the place that Grimes will be out of a job next year at this time as well as Sitake. :sob: :anguished:

Actually Roy, in the world of sports… Winning is the only thing that matters…

If a team is not winning, then the donors wants action taken (fire someone).

The problem with BYU this year was not that they were losing games, but rather how they looked (horrible) and did not seem to be getting better as the year went on.

To the the donors who put big $$$$$ into the program, that was not acceptable.

Now should they have fired Ty or Kalani? or should they have canned some of the assistant coaches? That is open for debate, but firing someone for the way the team looked this year was a definite thing to do.

So winning is everything? Is this really where BYU is? Winning is EVERYTHING? Thought BYU was a bit different. Guess not! So if BYU has a sub par 2018 then BYU should clean house all the way, including Sitake and Holmoe. Ty is simply a scapegoat for a program with a lot of deeper problems than any one OC. So BYU is at the point of acquiring the attitude and belief system of Saban and Meyers. When will we start paying players, if we haven’t already started. Look, Doman and Ty are big boys and can take care of themselves. Giving it more thought, maybe BYU is ALL about winning and money is EVERYTHING. Disappointing (the process) to me.

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Roy, BYU is different if your take on the FB situation is correct! They spend millions in the program and you are happy winning less than a 1/3 of their games? Offense is one of the worst in the entire nation and you are happy it isn’t all about winning? There are a whole host of college teams who are getting more from less than BYU but no problem with that? Low expectations may be a bigger problem than getting good coaches and recruiting but hey, as long as you expect anything but winning you will always be successful!

If you are complaining that Grimes has no real play calling experience as a reason to disqualify him then you wouldn’t have hired Ty! Ironic!

Look Thawk, you aren’t getting what I am trying to convey. You are quite a mind reader, you know what I like and dislike but you cannot comprehend what I am writing. All I am saying about Grimes is he has no real play calling experience, just like Ty didn’t. So Grimes may be the next sacrificial lamb. My concern is the process and the decision making and that the program has far deeper problems than just the current OC sucks. Hopefully, Grimes can shape up the offensive program deeper problems but he will have to spend a lot of his time making sure he keeps his job so he can move on in 2 or 3 years to a better position in the SEC or another P5 conference. I am NOT against Grimes, my understanding from one of my friends, an Auburn alum, that Grimes is a very good coach. OK, I am ready for some more mind reading.

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If they underperform, they will be fired; just like Detmer.

As to playcalling experience, I’m nervous about that as well. On the other hand, he has significant D1 experience which is better than all the other candidates. Seems like a great recruiter and hopefully will bring the right culture.

I understand everyone likes Detmer, but that doesn’t mean we have to hate the next guy.