This sure isn't good if true

Report: BYU wide receiver Kody Epps entering transfer portal - Deseret News

Kody Epps is being reported to be entering the portal.

The best or at least one of the best WR who has a clear path to being #1 is entering the portal?

Like I said before, I think ARod is not as good of an OC as some people think. That is my personal take only.

BYU probably doesn’t pay enough NIL dollars. Hopefully he will stay. Entering the portal doesn’t mean he is leaving for sure but certainly not good news.

NIL deal needs to go including with this transfer portal or free agency!
Hopefully he will stick around like Gustin did.

And I agree with Floyd about Aaron Roderick. Several times he made too many stupid play, calls, which makes no sense. Maybe Kalani Sitake should demote him and bring in his brother or cousin Fesi to be the next OC coach.

Gustin is staying?

From what is being rumored, it is not a NIL issue. Which means possibly a coaching conflict, academic problem or the more famous “HC” problem.

Yea saw that, Apparently the coach convinced her the grass may not be a green on the other side of the fence as she thought.

Good to have continuity on the teams heading to the BIG12.

When she went up against a bigger team she struggled some. Going elsewhere wouldn’t mean she’s start elsewhere. The Big12 will give her plenty of competition.

Apparently Kodi Epps is getting some decent P5 offers:

Transfer portal: 4 Power 5 schools who already offered BYU’s Kody Epps - Deseret News

Where does he think BYU is? We are in a P5 already. Too bad. Probably didn’t want to mess with the honor code anymore. What do you think?

Scott, that is presumptuous and completely inappropriate. I can’t believe you asked that.

If Kody goes elsewhere, we will miss him.

I knew I could get you into the conversation :rofl:

Well it seems now that Kody Epps blindsided both the coaches and players by only telling them on Sunday night that he entered the portal.

Up until that time everyone thought Kody was raring to go and be a big part of the team.

So speculating here, something must have happened that turned Kody on the time.

FYI Scott, Kody in an interview a few months ago talked about showing other how great Utah and BYU are for people not of the church.

So I don’t think the HC is the issue, but I think something happened that turned Kody away.

cha ching from a booster P 12 maybe , I am thinking. About a month and we will find out

Interesting take on Kody Epps from PK on KSL…

Patrick Kinahan: Kody Epps’ departure crushes BYU football coaches |

here’s the crazy thing here. Epps hosted a portal guy not 24 hours before he declared. Epps also was a big time recruiter of Slovis getting to BYU.

Nothing makes any sense.

Just saying. He did something and was about to get caught. What other explanation is there?

Or the other way around, something happened to him by someone at BYU and he had enough of it?

Either way has valid points.

BYU lands another Wide Receiver:

BYU Football Lands Transfer WR Darius Lassiter (

With Epps staying, the wr core is getting really strong.

Wow, two transfers within 24 hours! Last night news on KSL News getting a transfer front
eastern Michigan getting Lassiter. And Epps decided to stay at BYU good for him.
And now any more transfer from other schools to BYU
for more WR?