This week will be tough but important

St. Mary’s and PAC will a difficult test. Bryant has to have a great game and the roll players must be solid and play great defense. Can it be done? Yes!

Yeah, let’s hope the ROLE players (whomever those are) are solid and play great defense.

Loss to St. Mary’s and a Win over Pacific.

Not sure why BYU plays both of those teams (and LMU I think) before they play Gonzaga for the first time. in conference.

I’m sure there is some conspiracy involved…

I agree that the scheduling is really odd. Playing one game away and one at home the same week is questionable. I suppose they do it so the players don’t miss a whole week of religion classes :innocent:

It looks like more and more signs are appearing on this team that Coach Schuler(sp?) defensive coaching is starting to show up.

They play so much better defense than in years pass. Not great, but I am seeing improvement with each game. Hopefully, it will show up in the St, Mary’s game.

I won’t be shocked if BYU loses a close game because they are out coached when it matters and at critical points in the game.

Yes, the defense is improved because they finally realize that it matters and it can help win games. It hasn’t translated into meaningful wins yet, but maybe it will at some point.

I predict that BYU loses to St. Mary’s and beats Pacific.

[quote=“Floyd_Edwards, post:4, topic:7832”]
They play so much better defense than in years past[/quote]

Since 2012 to be more exact.
For five years, 08, 09, 10, 11, and 12, the BYU defense was better than it is now. And for a number of those years among the top 20 in Division 1.
Who was in charge of the defense in those years?
Why did Rose choose to leave that mindset?
I’m not sure but if I recall wasn’t that the 12 to 13 year the year Nashiff stepped away from the defensive side and move to the offense?
I may be wrong…
Nashiff is off the offense now and it descends to an average power conference level…hmm
Of course, Dave Rice left after the 2011 season for UNLV too…tracing the assistant coaches is something I don’t have time to do now, But I suspect that like the current hiring it has made a bigger difference than is usually recognized.

Nashiff was not the reason! You could say Rice was the last time we had any defense and that would be accurate.

Durant commented that TJ, Yo, and Elijah all needed good games to beat them. I tend to agree. 3 guys playing well is hard to stop.

5 playing well is even harder to stop. Our bench will be needed. Hope they are ready!

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Good game until the refs swallowed their whistles with about 5 minutes to go and gave Landale a free pass to foul and score at will.

Too bad because it was a decent game until that point.

Actually, the entire 2nd half was a homer job by the refs. It’s really too bad because it was a really good game until then.
With that said, our shooting left us after the first 15 minutes. Our defense was decent for the most part.

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Yeah, there is some truth to that.

BYU started the second half well and then the refs inserted themselves into the equation and made sure the Cougars didn’t win the game.

This is what the wcc has become and it is a shame. Now we get to listen to Few complain about none of the other teams besides St. Mary’s being competitive…

I have read many posters including in the DeseretNews commenters there are those same repeated behavior about the wcc and their refs. There is no way in any time BYU will ever be on top of wcc. SMC got away many things last night just like last few years of those two darling schools “GU/SMC”.
Many posters has said Landale use his shoulder and he continue to get away with it. Zags too had Karnowski who use his 300 lbs body no call shovings. Eli Bryant use his shoulder and easily getting charging calls. So Landale gets away with it and Eli can’t. That shows the game was no fun to watch or to listen to. During non conference games we do fine but wcc FORGET IT!
I want out of this conference and I don’t understand why Dave Rose want to continue coaching at BYU with this nonsense wcc. Tom Holmoe and Dave Rose have said that “We Fit In Perfectly with WCC.” I hate that thought from those two guys!
And that Big Nose Ref, ESPN camera man zoomed in on that guy standing still. I can see why he stick his nose on us many times. I know it sounds rude thinking to say of that guy. That is a huge nose.

Few always complains about the strength of schedule of the teams in the league and that complaining is aimed squarely at SMC and Rose.

If either SMC or BYU had a legit OoC schedule this year then the WCC would be looking at 2 or 3 invites this year. The top of the league including the sad excuse for a team that is…would be legit contenders for an invite iff they had played more than 2 or at most 3 teams with recognizable names and strong schedules.

I don’t know that Nashiff is the reason or not.
I do know that the defence was good for a year after Rice left. Was Nashiff still working the defence that Rice built?
The year after Nashiff moved to offence the offence took off. Was he the reason that it sped up and improved? Not sure.
The year after Nashiff left the offence it descended…No-one would call the offense at this point of the season good…
Odd co-incidences for someone who was fired…

The Nose was reffing tonite, nuff said

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Been doing it to BYU for years…and years. Old MWC ref. I knew we were screwed with I saw the lineup

1- Defence is spelled Defense. make a note of it for all our sakes

2-It takes a year or two to forget old habits. It was all Rice

3-Nasty is a personal friend of mine, has a cabin near mine…he would be the first to say that his defense was NON EXISTENT. Why would you comment, " I don’t know", when you don’t know. You sound like Hopper. Always sticking his nose in something whether he has a clue or not.

Really? I guess my eyes were that bad which was a good thing. I never pay attention to those refs. How come we haven’t heard anything bad happened to him of any broken nose from players or coaches fist fight with that guy? I know, not nice to say that.

When Bryant does it the player flops and that’s why it’s called. When Landale does it no one goes down. His technique is fantastic and Childs isn’t big enough to stay strong and force Landale to hit harder and foul. He’s by far the best player in the league this year.
What bothered me is 6 fouls called against us in 3 minutes to start the 2nd half. And, the fouls were ticky tack. Nothing that we weren’t doing in the 1st half. I just want referees to be consistent through the entire game good or bad. At least a team can adjust.
With that said, we ran out of gas at the end and shots didn’t foul. We missed layups that other teams don’t. Although Bryant is really good at layups and should be allowed to post up more often.