Thought you guys might be interested to hear

what my friends dad said about the new strength and conditioning coach.

although they have not had any “practices” together, from my friend said, the new coach is focusing more on the overall condition (performance, agility, nutrition, etc.) more than “Strength” type practices…

So from I hear this coach has the same type of attitude “there is a wrong way to do it, and my way to do it”…

Wonder if he will help the basketball team as well? they sure have racked up the injuries…

This may turn out to be the single best hire by the AD to date. Huge problem with many of our programs. I hope we see some results soon.

It will be interesting to see what effect that he has on the program. Christian Stewart had interesting things to say about the previous program along with the impact that Mendenhall’s workouts have on the players. Brian Logan also has made some comments about how his body was beat up and beat down from Mendenhall’s workouts. Hopefully the new blood will pay off with better health all around.
It will be interesting to see if he does have some influence on the basketball team, since they have had Bob Medina a former NBA trainer as their conditioning coach for a couple of years now. With the exception of the bigs being twigs, the players seem to be in great physical condition (Winder’s injury was game related and Austin…who knows how that happened).

Do you have link to those comments? I would like to see what he said…

No arguing, just curious what Stewart said.

Here is the clip where he talks about the strength and conditioning program.

thanks Jeff. We all knew something was up and needed to be changed. Now is this guy going to help basketball as well as Football? Just curious as I have never been a fan of the bean pole athletes we get in our basketball program. These guys come in skinny and 4 years later they leave skinny.

No Floyd! he does not have the same attitude. He was on Cougar Nation BYU TV last week and said exactly the opposite. He said and I quote, “There is no wrong or right way.” But, he does go along with the current studies and trials on the type of strength and conditioning.

He didn’t say anything about him working with the basketball team. So, I’m not sure what his situation is with the basketball team. But, what I do like is that the players will still be strong but not burned out by the time the season starts and thus be in a greater possibility of injuries. Time will tell…But it certainly can’t be any worse…

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First of all Grasshopper (scott g.) This is what he told the players. Sorry, if what he presents on TV is different than what he tells his players (image that, a coach doing “coach speak”).

Second any decent human being is never going to throw the former person in his position under the bus. Not everyone is like you… :O)

Omer’s way was the “old way” (stewart’s words) is using a lot of weights in the regiment of training, the new way is to look at the total package (weights, Performance enhancing drills, conditioning (aerobics), etc.). This why Stewart mentioned the guy in Utah County that has worked with several former BYU players helping them in their NFL careers. This is the best way to get improved performance.

Third, I said “I wonder if” he was going to work with basketball team… never said he was going to…

He didn’t throw him under the bus. You completely took Stewart’s comments out of context as well. Stewart’s interview also was done on Cougar Nation and I watched that as well. He wasn’t throwing Omer under the bus either. But, as we know so well, you jump to unusual conclusions all the time.

Do you have reading dyslexia?

Here for the simplicity:

  1. Under the bus - I am referring to Frank Wintrich comments, Of course he is not going to say anything disrespectful about Jay Omer’s methods as being out dated. He is a professional and they don’t do those type of things (unless you nick saban).

  2. Stewart’s own words were “We were doing power lifts, that is the old way of doing things”. Then he went on to talk about the Performance training center several former BYU and now NFL players go, so they can improve their overall performance.

Sorry, that your reading comprehension issues are raising up again… there should be a medication for that somewhere.

I saw the interview. The whole interview. He did not throw anyone under the bus. Neither of them did. Like I said, he said neither is right or wrong. Can’t you read?

Reading dyslexia working again?

I never said he said that Scott, I said “Of Course he would NOT SAY THAT IN PUBLIC” … do that would put him a bad light with the public.

Is it that hard to understand? well for you, maybe…

They don’t need a strength coach. I think they should all just do shirtless bench presses on the driveway like T.O.