Thoughts on the game

Two area we have to clean up for tomorrow is too many fouls and way too many bad lazy pass turnovers. Sharp better come to play with his brain.

Oh, the TOs came after the game was decided and guys just didn’t focus. We played some serious D tonight. FB4 had himself a game on D. And it seems every game Kaufusi makes one or two just ridiculously athletic plays. And KC and Ty were just, oh, All American caliber tonight. We have made a great run the past few weeks, and if we run out of gas tomorrow I will understand. We are dancing for sure.

I think we need to either get out fast, tomorrow night, similar to how Fischer did tonight, or at least keep Gonzaga from gaining confidence early. They are going to come out on fire because of our win in Spokane. Better be ready for the big time tomorrow.

Did you see the ESPN analysis after the game? Now they are calling BYU a dangerous team and one of the announcers predicted BYU winning more tournament games than Gonzaga. What a difference eight games makes.

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Great win! Fischer steps up big in first half as Winder is shelved. Everyone played well. Gonzaga will go immediately to Karnowski as he has been hot. Interesting game coming up today-both have been 2nd half teams. Keys to the game-clog up the inside game of the Zags-don’t let Pangos get started. Offensively-move the ball getting good looks-take the ball to the rack hopefully causing some foul problems. Hold your own on the boards and good things should happen!

Never sure about ESPN analysts-we are talking potentially a big difference in seeding here and that makes a huge difference. Win tonight, though, and you might be looking at an 8 or 9 seed if we are fortunate. Lose and it’s at 14 or 15 or even 16. Wouldn’t feel too great playing Duke or Kentucky:)

Agree with you on all three points. Even though we played well, there is room for improvement. Our D has been much better in the Gonzaga game and last night, not so good the night before and the score showed it. We are scoring well, but our D is really making the difference. Kafusi has really stepped it up on both ends, which is also helping the team a ton.

Particularly concerned with illegal screen fouls. How many times does a coach have to tell his players that you can’t set moving screens! Fisher is particularly guilty but others as well. Plant your darn feet and allow your teammate to peel his man off by cutting next to you - not you as screener moving all over the place.

We get into spurts during which we a) throw lazy passes over the top, b) just casually pass a ball without paying attention where the d is, or c) jumping without knowing who to pass to. Sharp had a few of those last night. I’m not so much griping about the “thread the needle” pass that goes bad, as we get a good number of these that work. For the others, pass the ball with exactness and appropriate velocity for the distance and know where you want the ball to go BEFORE you go airborne.

Also, it should be noted that we shot 8-10 on threes in the first half last night - - but 2 for 11 in the second. It appeared that Fisher and the rest of the guys got in good position, with feet underneath them, on threes the first half and then started just firing in the second without the best mechanics. I believe these guys are very good shots - if they follow correct mechanics, which I realize can be harder when tired in the second half. As a player, I think you know when you have a good setup for a 3 and that’s what you need to work for and then let it fly.

I think all if not almost all of the 14-16 seeds are reserved for the small league champs.

I did not see that but I’ll bet it was fun to hear! I have heard ESPN guys saying that BYU meets “the eye test”, whatever that is. BYU is good for the media since we have two all time record breakers on the same team at the same time.

Correct on all points. Sometimes we try to dribble between 3 guys and get picked like KC and Halford sometimes do. The press is beaten by passing, not fancy dribbling. Globetrotter moves work against aging Generals :wink: