Thoughts on win over SMC

  1. BYU won this game because of Gavin Baxter, plain and simple. He makes impact plays at or above the rim that nobody else on the team not named Yo Childs can make.
  2. Dave Rose looked smart to abandon Worthington early and go with Bax.
  3. Dave Rose looks like an idiot to stubbornly refuse to start Baxter.
  4. Good D by BYU guards. A novel idea.
  5. Let’s all remember that SMC struggles to beat even high school teams away from Moraga.
  6. If Bax doesn’t start from here on out, shame on DR.

We won the game because the team played good team defense, only 2 turnovers and made enough shots and free throws to win.

I found it interesting that one of the officials of the game was the Referee (White Hat) for the New Oreleans vs Rams game… which missed the biggest call in NFL history.

Fans let him know it too!

I was jus thinking, he was having to study to ref college basketball because the NFL season was going to be over for him. I think he must of either got confused on what sport he was officiating or was thinking about rules concerning college basketball. I hear that happenes to you because you ref football and baseball. What do you think? :grimacing:

So yes, the same ref that jacked up the Saints was at the game. Some student had a poster that said, ‘’ Please don’t screw these Saints like you did the last ones." It went viral hear in Utah. The dude was booed the entire game.

Amen brother. I texted Quincy after the win, ‘’ Best win of the year, Defense from start to finish, Baxter, Baxter, Baxter". He wrote back. We needed him for sure.