Time for our final preseason predictions;

I have my blue goggles in full tint right now. I think that the Cougars will go 10-2 in the regular season.

@ Nebraska- BYU is better prepared and takes advantage of the Huskers. BYU gets the W in a convincing manner and get on the national radar.
vs Boise- BYU gets revenge! Boise’s new QB gets eaten by BYU’s defense.
@ UCLA- BYU gets their bubble burst in a close loss to the Bruins. Turnovers cost the Cougars.
@ Michigan- BYU bounces back and gives Mich their first loss of the season.
vs UCONN- Easy blowout. BYU improves to 4-1 and is ranked between #14-17.
vs ECU- Close first half, but BYU gets a 20 point win with a big 2nd half.
vs CINN- BYU wins in OT
vs Wagner- BYU’s second string has a good practice. Tanner Mangum gets the hype for 2016 started.
@SJSU- A rested BYU is too much for the Spartans. BYU wins by 14. BYU improves to 8-1 and cracks the top 10.
@MIZZU- BYU can’t get in it together, and drops a 12-15 point loss. The national buzz around BYU quiets down.
vs Fresno- =BYU has a 14 point first quarter lead, a 28 point half time lead, and wins by 45. Taysom gets the standing ovation in his last home game.
@USU- “Time 4 Revenge” signs litter the stands in Logan, and BYU fans leave smiling as Taysom utterly dismantles the Aggies. USU’s worst loss of the season.
BYU finishes the regular season 10-2 and is ranked #11. They are lobbying to get into the Fiesta Bowl, but get passed up (like always).
Las Vegas Bowl vs UTAH- BYU has a better regular season record against common opponents (3-1) with a loss to UCLA. Utah is 6-6 with losses to UCLA, Michigan, and USU (1-3) BYU is favored to win big time, and they don’t disappoint. It is never really close. Ute fans cry in there beer.

A little blue goggled prediction for discussion. I’d love to hear some other fan’s breakdown of the upcoming season. Or some feedback. Go ahead tell me how we are going to lose to NEB, BSU, and CINN too.

I like your insight but Michigan first lost? I think that team up north at res going to win against Michigan first, you think. For sure we will win a lot of games and that’s where I will guess from there. All I can say, I am looking forward to our first game in 12 days and boy I hope we can see our big BLUE crowd in the middle in those big red nasty sea in that stadium.

I’m not sure how the season will go but I always hope for the best possible outcomes. I would be really happy with a 9-3 season considering the schedule BYU has. That would be a good season IMO.

On another note, is anyone else troubled by the “integrity, honor, etc.” exhibited by some of the former BYU quarterbacks. I mean it’s a good thing we ran off guys like Jake Heaps and made sure to keep the Hall’s and Sarkisian’s… must be the last days, calling evil “good” and good “evil”.

I know I’ll get criticized for being “judgemental” or some other bogus accusation, but I don’t care… I think my perspective is accurate.

So Hall and Sark are evil? Well . . . hmmmmmm . . . My mind is conjuring up several different responses. Oh wait, I am conjuring . . . that most likely is evil too. Durn . . . oops, there I go again.


So if you are judging someone else… why is that bogus to say you are “judging” Jim?

Sorry, Sark is not a member of the church, So if he gets plastered and make a fool of himself, what should we even care? He did his two years at BYU and moved on… While he was here HE PERFORMED! did Heaps? NOPE!

Hall on the other side became addicted to pain meds… where did that start at Jim? it was while he was at BYU. Again he performed at BYU while Heaps looked like a Heap…
So you are saying that Heaps will never fall into this trap? because that is what you are implying…

How many members Jim do you know addicted to Pop, Prescription Rx, etc in your local area? This is an issue that can affect even good members of the church.

Do you know just how many former players at BYU has had issue with Drugs, Alcohol, addiction, (Molleni, VonCollin, Norberg, Garrett, are just a few)… We had a former player serve 5-10 at the Utah State Prison for prescription fraud… Getting addicted under the supervision of the doctor hired by BYU. Or did you forget the whole “drug” issue under Lavell’s rein?

Because we show compassion for someone struggling you say we are calling “Evil” good and “Good” Evil? Seriously is that not what the Savior do… go to the sick and afflicted to make their lives better…

Nice prediction. I will go with losses of UCLA and Mizzu. but if Hill gets hurt again, we will have 3 more.

Predicting 10-3 … but it easily could be 8-5 (again).
Openly admitting the blue coolaid has been poured with the glass more than half full.

AT Nebraska- BYU is better prepared but can’t execute … loses opener by 3.
vs Boise- BYU gets revenge! Boise’s new QB eats way to many BYU Mint Brownies and is sick at game time. Pukes on field after massive hit from Kafusi!
AT UCLA- BYU fumbles away the game with 3 turnovers and a pick 6 that costs them the game
AT Michigan- BYU bounces from the BIG HOUSE 1-3 with OT loss
vs UCONN- BYU blows out the huskies … rain soaked field sees Taysom run for 350 yards!!!
vs ECU- BYU wins by 17
vs CINN- BYU wins by 21 - Taysom runs for 200 and passes for 400
vs Wagner- BYU wins … enough said
AT SJSU- BYU looking past SJSU … and barely escapes with their lives … winning in OT
AT MIZZU- BYU pulls out incredible game 21-20 … gains national respect and Taysom as Heisman Candidate
vs Fresno- =BYU blows out Fresno with Taysom going for 300 plus on the ground (again) and 300 in the air.

AT USU- Taysom goes down in the 2nd quarter with shoulder injury (USU fans erupt); the result of a horse collar (again). Tanner Mangum leads second half comeback … and sets the program ahead for 2016 campaign with perfectly executed 2 minute drill for the win.

Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs Utah - BYU wins with Taysom and Tanner sharing QB duties … Utah defense can’t prepare well enough to contain both … surrendering a season high 52 points. Taysom runs for 250 … Tanner throws for 400.

T&T = Dynamite!!!

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No… not saying they are evil, just the behavior. All I am trying to point out is that fans blasted Heaps while he was at BYU and look where he is now. Meanwhile, fans put Hall and Sarkisian up on a pedestal and look where they are now. As for Sark not being LDS, I think that is sort of irrelevant. He was still being held to a particular standard and he messed up and embarrassed the program.

Fans didn’t like Heaps but he is on a nfl roster right now, so it might be time for some to eat some crow.

I think everyone should have some degree of standard they subscribe to. I do care about Sark, he represented BYU while he was here, member or not. He has a certain standard to maintain at USC as well and he let them down too.

As far as being addicted to pain meds, I feel bad for those who allow that to happen. It is like many other addictions, too easy to get hooked and very difficult to overcome.

I was just comparing the situations of former QB’s at BYU, currently. I think Steve Young is in a tough situation as well. His wife supports gay marriage, contrary to church leadership and doctrine. It was all just a commentary on current events.

As far as Heaps goes, he wasn’t nearly as bad as some of you like to make him out to be. He had some good games but never really got a legitimate opportunity and was totally mismanaged.

As far as showing compassion, that is not the point. All I was pointing out is that fans were all enamored with a couple of QB’s who aren’t as great as they were portrayed and hated on another who wasn’t as bad as he was portrayed. Don’t read between the lines, that is what SG does. Just take it at face value.

No reading between the lines Jim… I took what you said and posted my response to the word you wrote…

JimHawks: I do care about Sark, he represented BYU while he was here, member or not. He has a certain standard to maintain at USC as well and he let them down too.

Simple question, Who says? What right do we have to dictate how someone who is not LDS live their lives after they leave BYU? Isn’t that the plan that Satan presented in Heaven? Force everyone to live a certain way?

The addiction to pain med was not what I was talking about, the issue is that the BYU doctor ENCOURGAGED players to take them so they could play. Even some coaches encouraged it. So the kid gets addicted, leave BYU and then trashes the player for getting addicted as somehow he is not living up to the imaginary standard…when the School practice is the one that got them hooked in the first place. I understand they have remedy the issue, but for YEARS BYU sports personnel got kids hooked on Prescription Rx’s… That is a fact.

The real problem IS THE FANS… they put to much stock in players and the team, they LIVE THROUGH BYU Sports and when something happens, it is like a personal slap to their face… FANS needs to get real… this is sports, nothing more nothing less. In the Eternal realm of things it does not matter in the least… Some Fans need to get a life.

As for Heaps, his biggest problem was HEAPS, from my source on the team, Heaps came in thinking he was all that and alienated a lot of his team mates. Even some the kids he got to come to BYU felt this way about Heaps…
When things got hard, Heaps does what he does best LEAVES the program… Hopefully the kid will grow up and realize you can’t out run life…

I miss when this thread was about predictions for the season.

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Heaps is not on an NFL roster right now. I stand by my position that he will never have a Pro career.

heaps got canned today (4 interceptions in a scrimmage will do that to you)

When you look for a picture of what a “Pretty Boy” looks like…you will find Heaps. No heart.
Did his parents meddle too much in his life? Yes. Did Mendenhall screw up when he inserted a LB in for QB over Heaps.? Don’t know but Bronco may have seen enough of Heaps to know that he had to bail on him. You would think after 4 restarts the writing is on the wall. Heaps has no heart.

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I don’t generally have a problem with what you are saying here. I still maintain that he wasn’t nearly as bad as people portrayed him… and I agree with what you are saying. I guess I just have a tendency to defend those that are maligned so often. Not sure why I do…

Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter ultimately.

I wish the season was starting tomorrow…

Never had any judgemental thoughts about Heaps as a person - never met the guy. But he did not have the emotional / mental makeup to make it as a D1 QB, after 3 tries at 3 different schools, I think that is more fact than judgement.

If this team ends up being as good as they are capable of, there is no reason they can’t win them all. But injuries and mistakes always seem to take their toll. I agree with you about Nebraska though – it is a winnable game, and we could definitely surprise them. But I am not so sure about Michigan. We have the ability, but I wonder about just executing on the road after 3 tough games. Not sure yet about Missouri. Good team, but we should definitely be ready for it. Look out for ECU and Cincinnati. They are generally good teams that can surprise. Heck, we lost to Nevada last year. Sheesh. And I don’t think we will play Utah in Las Vegas, nor do I want it.

At least I have season tickets for the first time ever! Just accepted a visiting faculty position in the math department, and my wife got me the perfect Father’s Day gift!

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congratulations on your new job and good fortune!

Enjoy the season!