Time for Taysom to retire?

Think it is time for him to retire?

According to the local sports talk, Taysom injury was another Lisfranc injury this time on his Left foot (At BYU it was the right foot).

Interesting injury, never had one but from what I read it is extremely painful because every movement of the foot involves the mid section of the foot.

Locals in the NFL, Week 18: Saints lose Taysom Hill, playoff spot in win over Falcons | KSL.com

I mean the guy does have a degree in finance and was offered a pretty health salary out of college.

I’m pretty sure he isn’t ready to retire. For him, the Saints are done for the year and he just got a huge contract. He will recover and be ready to go by next year 99-1

I don’t think he will give up. He will come back and resume trying to refine his QB skills or be a valuable multi position player.

I don’t either, but man he seems to attract injuries like people catches colds OR as my dad would say “If I did not have bad luck, I would have no luck at all” :open_mouth:

I will say this, after having feet problems myself (left foot had to be reconstructed), having feet injuries is not something that can be healed quickly. Granted this guys have a lot more available to them than I did to recover. But from my orthopedic doctor comments “It takes years to fully recover”.

I hope he does heal and move forward, I enjoy watching him play in both Green Bay and with the Saints.

Having run half and full marathons, I’ve experienced numerous injuries. I had plantar fasciitis twice and shin fractures more times than I can count. I must say since I quit running and took up biking, my lower body health is much better. Hill is a very rare athlete that excels at everything connected with football. I dare say, he could be a good linebacker if he chose to. I’ve enjoyed watching him, but someday enough will be enough and it will be time to get out without long term effects from your injuries. I worry about concussions more than anything

I admire people who can do this… I never EVER will do it myself, my body gave up on my a long time ago! LOL

He had the same injury at BYU and was back playing the following year. Glad you aren’t his agent :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The latest injury setback for quarterback Taysom Hill — a Lisfranc injury to his left foot — is expected to require multiple surgeries, New Orleans Saints coach [Sean Payton told reporters] Monday.

The American Journal of Sports Medicine outlined what kind of recovery time could lie ahead for Hill: “NFL players who underwent surgery to repair a Lisfranc injury missed an average of 10 games, though were sidelined an average of 11.6 months

Add to this he had a concussion, and various other injuries this week

Here is a list of Taysom injuries in 5 years in the NFL.

Taysom Hill - Injury History (draftsharks.com)

Then add to that another Lisfranc injury, a broken leg, a concussion, a knee injury, a hyperextended elbow injury all while at BYU.

I bet it is fun for him to walk through metal detectors at the Airport. LOL

He will be back…It’s not up to you even though we know you have the propensity to control other people’s lives. Just the Democrat Party way of doing things. I get it.

Lol-you have to admire his drive, but there are far more important things in his life than athletics, namely his wife and child. I believe he is 31 now, so after this new contract is done, I expect him to hang it up for good. His Swiss knife skills probably hurt his chances of an extended stint as an NFL regular QB. Smart guy and a great representative for the church ala Steve Young and a host of others

Taysom Hill a quitter? Nah!!! But, he needs to stay healthy to enjoy outdoors activities for the rest of his life it’s very important. If I were him yes step away NFL soon.

No, I just think he has some pretty bad luck “staying healthy” LOL

Yea, Fish and Hill go do some serious fishing! :open_mouth:

Taysom, already, is going to have a tough physical life when he is 45 years old or older. The injuries come back to bite you whether because of football or wrestling (in my case). My legs from hips down are a mess.

I don’t know. I’ve had 7 knee injuries and 3 surgeries all before I was 35. Many other injuries as well. I’ve been doing my Kung Fu ever since. I occasionally have things pop up like twinges in the knees or back. But still get in the gym 3 days a week. I’m 68 now. It doesn’t get easier for sure. But you have to keep doing what you can.

He has 40 million reasons to stay healthy enough to not get cut in the next 4 seasons.

Well, when he gets to my age, he may need those millions just to get around! :open_mouth:

no way, he is in his prime. He’ll know how to rehab better this time around…oh and by the way, get some different cleats

there you go

After the discussion about mobile QB’s I found this article about “Mobile QB’s”

make take is that it may be the rage, but just about every mobile QB in the NFL has injury issues more than the “stagnate” QB’s

Running QBs are the rage in NFL, but it comes with a price | Opinion - Deseret News

Thought it was interesting article anyway.