Time to look closely at our new ESPN top 100 recruits coming in

I will start with Yoeli Childs


Star, meaning can affect a team’s outcome, meaning, the real deal.

A Balanced Force, meaning this guy can do a lot of things well, meaning he has more than an inside game.

Childs, @ 6’7 and 230, averaged over 18PPG and 11 RPG, he is a people mover, get out of my way or go with me, either way, I will get to the hoop. True power forward but with a twist…shoots over 40% from the 3.


Makes a statement like this (after receiving offers from just about every P12 school out there)…I chose BYU because they are a program headed up, The Lone Peak boys and me plan on getting a final 4. (Paraphrased)

That is his thinking. I can guarantee that TJ, Emery and Mika talk about it every day.

Next will be Payton Dastrup and his skill set.