Time to see a new QB

Time to see a new QB. Nothing to lose. Mangum won’t throw a tight throw down field.

The TD to Bushman will keep Tanner in the starting spot for next week. But I agree, would not have played Tanner again after the freshman blew his red shirt year. Some coaches will lose their jobs at the end of the year.

I would guess that the HC, OC and DC will keep their jobs. Some of the position coaches may lose their jobs (scapegoating?)

Will see if Ty stays. He may have had enough. Back to the farm…

Maybe somebody will lose their job this coming week.

I couldn’t argue with that. But, I would have thought Tanner wouldn’t have kept his job…3 games ago… So I would be surprised to see anyone let go mid season. But they should!

CLUE: It is NOT a QB problem… it IS A COACHING problem…

Ty needs to go back to the ranch and Kalani needs to hire a seasoned OC… Detmer is way out of his league and it shows with BYU football getting worse as the season progresses.

In my opinion… Ty Detmer needs to go… he is out of element and it shows with his inability to get good players to play together.

Ty is worse than Brandon Doman… at least with Doman his offense had yardage to show their work.

Tanner isn’t reliable. He’s sparatic. Makes bad decisions. A coach can only do so much. Sataki has to bench him and let his players play. He does have to realize what works and what doesn’t. That does take experience.

I don’t think so and Ty has much more upswing than Diman had.

LOL… blame it on Tanner…

who is the QB coach? who is responsible for the QB production?

how is it that Mangum played exceptional as a freshman, but this year looks like crap…what is the difference between those two years? Ty Detmer… enough said…

who is diman?

really? we are cuurently 127th in the country for offensive out…

Doman offense was near that mark…

Coach can’t throw the ball. Coach can’t take the risk of throwing down field or threading the needle. All coach can do is draw X’s and O’s.

Why can’t he take risks throwing the ball down the field? It’s between Tanner’s ears. Why can’t he produce like he did his freshman year? Because everyone like you is telling him he’s a first round draft choice!

So, is there anything Ty could do to help? I think the offense scheme lacks creativity. RB were running misdirected plays to the left early on in the game and then stopped. The rest if the game they mostly ran to the right into the best defender on the planet. Why? In the pros they don’t do that. Why can’t they score inside the 10 yardline? Why did Tanner run out of bounds losing 4 yards instead of throwing the ball away while inside the 10?

Why have we seen so many injuries this year? Looked to me like little brother Warner popped and Achilles. Hope not. That’s 2 years rehab.

He got rattled by the Utah bowl game and Michigan game, and is afraid to make throws longer than 2-3 yards. It’s the second coming of Jake Heaps.

What’s the difference between freshman year and this year? He’s a basket case. This isn’t Ty Detmer’s fault. You’ve seen his throws, right? His accuracy and timing are really bad now. That isn’t play calling or scheme. Guys are open, but he can’t hit them. He’s too afraid of throwing interceptions, fumbling, or getting sacked, so he dumps it (cf. Jake Heaps).

It doesn’t help that he went out and made himself the poster child for depression and anxiety in the off season. And then to have the worst college season in history. It’s too bad, and I feel for him, but for his sake and the good of the team, they need to turn their attention elsewhere in terms of playing time and reps.

If there is any coaching fault here, it is playing him as much as they have. I would definitely not plan on him being “the guy” next year. They’re going to have to build next year’s plan around someone else.

What is Hoge’s injury? He’s been out too long for a concussion.

Diman? Floyd, you have just as fat if fingers as I do :slight_smile:
Diman :arrow_right: Doman

Actually, it’s the auto correct…

All of you are correct! Tanner isn’t performing anywhere close to a D-1 level QB. He s making terrible decisions. That isn’t Detmers fault. What is Ty’s fault is allowing Tanner to start or play in anymore games. That is simply poor coaching. We may need to get rid of both problems. Bo Hoge had a major concussion and if you know the history of his dad, you will understand that his family and the ByU medical staff will be extra careful before clearing him to play. Unfortunately, the DC needs to be sacked too. Time isn’t on our side. We need to make changes NOW or recruits will start leaving in droves!!

let me explain it this way…

“If the players are not producing on the field during the game, it is NOT the players fault, it is the coaches fault for not helping them to achieve”. Kalani Sitake after BYU got beat by Mississippi State.

Kalani is not just doing coach speak here, he is letting his assistant know what. the stakes are.

Saint Ty Detmer is trying to force Mangum into an offensive scheme that does not fit his skill set.

Tanner is NOT. a pocket passer, he does much better with roll outs and up tempo offense.

this not just me saying this, a lot of former players are starting state the obvious.

Floyd, Tanner can hardly run! He isn’t the solution to our QB needs. Bench him!

I still don’t know why that wasn’t a spearing targeting call in Hoge. The NCAA should review it and suspend the player.
Agree about Tanner.

Agreed! Thing is, Tanner had a full year to learn the Detmer system and he didn’t. Tells you he won’t adjust in the pros either.