Timing of a Peak

Yesterday my wife and I drove to Idaho to see our new grandson. We found that it’s actually easier and better to drive than fly, for reasons I don’t need to bore you with.

Anyhoo, I listened to the Women’s game on BYU radio on xm. The girls were being outplayed, outclassed, outhussled, out-everythinged. The 10 point deficit at halftime was not a fluke.

The second half starts, and so does our O. The ladies pecked, pecked, pecked (I’m aware that some ladies are particularly skilled at this). They established momentum, the players who’d played terribly in the first half did a 180. We hit key shots, we made stops, and win the game by a comfy margin.

The guys are surging too, and not just in an in-game mode. The sub rotation has been brilliant. Having been scratching his head for most of the year as to who shd be on the floor, when and with what combos, Rose has now “deciphered the enigma” (hat tip to the movie----worth seeing) and has several teams of 5 who can score and apply pressure in various ways. overarching this is Haws’ shooting and the breadth and intelligence of KC’s game.

You can talk Winder, Sharp, Halford, Fischer, Bartley, Andrus and others, but much of this upswing comes from the big Kahuna. Back in August I reported to the (old) board that I’d seen a pickup game when visiting campus and was pleasantly surprised to see and learn a bit about Corbon Kaufusi. I sat next to an assistant coach (Lacombe) and learned a bit about him. The pick up was full court, of course. I could see Kaufusi had a real good court sense, had good timing, knew how to use his new-found size and was obviously a coordinated athlete who cd bring all this to hoops.

We are now seeing this young man progress every game. The huge carom block against Sabonis in the Gonzaga game was a play he wdn’t have made 6 weeks ago. The thunderous put back dunk last night likewise. He is long, he is strong, he anticipates well. He can draw a foul for you and hit net on his free throws. His free throw ability could be absolutely huge.

martin, outstanding post. I am amazed that we are doing this with Winder and Austin unable to play. Rose has some athletes indeed.

Wholeheartedly agree with the take on Kaufusi.

He has been outstanding the last several games. His effort alone is notable but his talent has developed through the roof. The blocked shots, keeping plays alive, etc. and how about that nifty move drawing contact and going lefty with the little scoop after being smacked in the head?

I’m beginning to believe Fish when I think of Kaufusi and Mika along with 3 lights out shooters on the floor at once. That would be a force to be reckoned with.

Hey Jim, in the “getting ahead of ourselves” category, have you seen that Excel spreadsheet tracking the team for the next like 5 yrs? The guy has all the players by position, their year, whether on a mish, etc. Kind of interesting. In the next few years, barring injuries/transfers, we’re going to be fairly loaded at 4 and 5. Mika. Dalstrup. Kaufusi. Nielsen. Andrus. Add TJ Haws, Nick emery, the Hartsock kid (who may be a 4 I think), Jordan Chatman, Aytes. I like how Bartley has matured his game. and Rose has a 5 yr extension. You gotta love it.

And, the Women won today and are in the NCAA’s. Now, let’s see the men do the same thing!

You had to know it was coming…

BYU would have had to play way better than they did in Spokane to pull this one off. No way the wcc is going to risk a 2 seed to Gonzaga because they already knew BYU would make it after giving them the opportunity to win on GU’s home floor.

I’m sure you will claim the officials did a fine job, there were no 3 second in the key violations, no fouls on Karnowski the magnificent, and no travelling violations…

Can you link it?

It would be interesting to look at, though I am skeptical that BYU will ever be able to unseat Gonzaga as the darlings of the wcc.

Even when it might seem possible, it is impossible.

please provide the link…I would love to see the flow chart