Timpview High guard Hunter Erickson

another Utah valley product.
another high scoring guard
another 2 star
no word on his mission plans as near as I can tell.
his AAU teammate is one Matt Van Komen who would be a nice get
is Santiago his hs coach starting to turn out college bball ready players now that the Lone Peak pipeline is drying up?

Long hair and mustaches/beards are much less cut-and-dried at BYU now than they used to be. Think he will be asked to shave off the dyed mohawk? :slightly_smiling_face:

One can hope . . .

why would anyone care about the cut of a man’s hair?

Of course, I stopped shaving the day after I graduated from BYU and didn’t shave again until two days before I reported to Navy OCS after grad school. Didn’t notice much of a difference except the wind coming down the midway at the University of Chicago froze my whiskers instead of my skin.

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I’m old-fashioned, and old-school. Dyed Mohawks aren’t something I’d like to see representing BYU and the Church (through BYU sports).

I realize that puts me in small company these days.

What is the big fascination with the Santiago’s? Is that BYU’s effort to show that the hispanic community matters? Isn’t one of them an athletic department guy too? Not a fan… sorry.

The basketball team wallows in obscurity as they continue to go after players within viewing distance of the Provo campus. The nepotism, favoritism, etc. to give local players all the attention is stifling the potential of any positive light that could be shed on the University and church.

The team has too many local, arrogant, entitled players who have no clue what is going on outside their bubble world. I love the church and the gospel, but am having a hard time supporting the University and their men’s athletic teams right now.

No more calls for donations… please.

Do you have specific names of players BYU can get that are better than the current crop? I don’t follow recruiting too closely but I have my doubts BYU can seriously improve their recruiting outside of looking at foreign players like St Zags.

And haven’t we recruited a ton of bigs recently?

6 players from Utah are apparently too many.

Yeah, you mean guys like Dastrup? The bigs we recruit help keep the bench warm, that’s why we get them. They are there to cheerlead and keep the seats warm for all of our awesome 3 point shooters that never improve on being high school phenoms.

Also, why does Haws look like he is 40?

Who cares if Hawes looks like he’s a 40 year old?

I like dastrup and he made some major improvements this off season. Now if that three of his falls I want him on the floor a LOT more. They need a few sets where the bigs back screen and fill to the corner. Those are easy looks. I also like Nixon’s energy and touch. Needs a little control on defense but he’s improving. Worthington man, love that kid. He really cares and he cares enough to execute the offense and show up on defense. Not a shooter by any means but enough touch around the basket. Andrus is a point of curiosity. Yeoli is Yeoli.

Again, If I’m Rose, I want to play 2 power forwards at a time and I need both to be solid three point shooters. 5 Shooters and enough size…That could be something.

One thing I’m not happy about with the bigs is boxing out. It’s just technique, not necessarily athleticism. They need to box out the man not go for the ball. I’m not sure how this years number compare to last year yet. Probably need more games.

Isn’t three minutes a game enough for you? LOL! Rose doesn’t see the value of working in a big player with talent and potential. He would rather go with Worthington, bless his effort and desire, than try to get Dastrup more minutes.

He is also going to go with the 6’7" Nixon, that is why he gets 15-20 minutes a game. He will also go with his big name players like Haws, Bryant, etc. who all get 35 minutes a game, win or lose.

Sorry, I wish I could get your hopes up by saying that BYU will try to get some players with potential more minutes, even when they lose games by double digits, but it isn’t going to happen. It’s the same scenario year after year.

Yeah the minutes thing always bugged me. Spread it out. There’s data out there that says it’s important to conserve energy early in the game. You want to hit your max so to speak in the final minute. There are injury implications as well…

I want to see Yeoli a the three… for limited minutes… he would be a turnover machine but I want to see what else would happen.

Lumping Bryant in with Haws is kind of harsh, don’t you think. Bryant fills out stats sheets, like big Russia, while Haws is soooooo 1 dimensional.

I’m perplexed about Dastrup. he can’t get time on the floor, must be his work ethic or something. I love everything about Nixon and Worthington. They have grown up and work

Andrus is for real. Just injured. But the guy has skills

Legit 6 11 guy who seems like he knows how to move on the court. Nice touch around the basket. I’m mostly curious about his defense, he seems savvy enough if he can move his feet.

Oh and the big thing for me is the three ball from him. I think BYU can have the most success with a 5 shooter system that doesn’t give up size advantages to the opponent and can move the ball on offense and disrupt passing lanes on defense. Lineups like this are interesting in the future:

PG - Hardnet
SG - Haws
SF - Bryant
PF - Yeoli
C - Andrus

Or more defensive

PG - Hardnet
SG - Cannon (nice first impression buddy, keep it up)
SF - Bryant (KB might be good here if can play with more control)
PF - Yeoli
C - Dastrup (Worthington here for teams that require more talking on defense and hustle, not a shooter though)

Or with more size, Very curious about this one. Don’t know when we could use it but I’m looking at Gonzaga and this might be a wrinkle you could throw at them. Also some teams who don’t shoot a great 3P% but excel at penetration and passing.

PG - Bryant
SG - KB (or rotate bryant here and put back Hardnet because he’s short but he’s no one’s punk)
SF - Yeoli
PF - Nixon
C - Dastrup / Andrus

Or even better shooting

PG - Hawes
SG - Bryant
SF - Seljaas
PF - Yeoli
C - Andrus

I like all those lineups…Haws and Sljaas in the same line up only work if we have a couple of stoppers like Bryant and Hardnett in at the same time.

Who would think that we are talking about Worthington after the stinkers he put up pre mission but the guy is solid and he has some low post moves.

My ideal game on the line lineup today is
Seljaas or Haws
Worthington or Dastrup
But this will change at the middle or playoff end of the season to hopefully include Andrus.

Agreed on Haws/Seljaas. That line up should only trot out against bad driving lineups or as a desperation measure.

Worthington is my favorite guy on this team. He is leading all players in fist pumps from me. The guy gets down the floor and he plays his butt off. Efficient despite the fouls he had this game. He runs the system and he rotates on defense well. And I believe he drew 2 or 3 fouls on that big 7 footer last night. That’s a whole lot of little things, o captain my captain. He may not have the most upside, but I’ll take him.

I like those 5. I’m interested who else becomes viable off the bench. Andrus would be awesome. Can this bergerson kid turn into a 3 and d guy? Can we please greenlight Nixon from three? Kids got a nice shot and that would help spacing.

Lots of Worthington love around here…

I appreciate his work ethic and fist pumping too, I’m sure he will carry that into dominating performances against Gonzaga and St. Mary’s big men.


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I’m not saying he’s the most talented player. I’m saying I appreciate how hard he works. I like that in a player. Dastrup and Andrus have much higher ceilings and all 4 starters are more valuable. But Luke is my guy.

Luke is a foul a minute. I prefer Nixon myself. He brings the muscle and he has some low post skills. Now, Nixon is a SF and not a Center but hey, you put the best 5 out on the court.

I know, I know. I do like Nixon too actually and I wish he took more shots