Today's Game - One Word

UGLY - How inconsistent can a team play as they went back and forth between good and horrible all night (against the worst team in the league and at home). Speaks for itself as there was more horrible than good after the first 10 minutes.

Kafusi had his worst game in a month. Looked lost and out of position virtually the entire game.

Exactly why is Worthington on this team? Please someone remind me.

And I am now convinced that layups are a much, much harder shot than I remember - because half of BYU’s team can’t make them!!

The game wasn’t a total waste - we played good offense for the first 10 minutes.

Prediction - play as uninspired as they are right now going forward and 6-8 league losses are not out of the question.

Rudi: I don’t believe it. Collinsworth is playing sick and he still had a double double. Haws played a somewhat killer instinct game.Winder is back. Even Fischer did better tonight. Concentrating on driving inside, which we did much more in the second half, our team played well enough to win. LMU might be in last place right now, but with twelve WCC conference games left, look out for the Lions. They are better than their current record speaks. They have height and inside skills. My prediction is that LMU will go perhaps 7-5 or better down the stretch.
I agree that Coach Rose has gone past his peak. I think he is on the down slide. My guess is that he will either retire within two years or he might get fired if the team does fall apart like you predict. I don’t think that Rose has developed this team to its full potential. We still have a dozen regular WCC games left. We shall see. I am not in love with his choices of subs and how he puts them into the game. But I do believe that Kaufusi will develop, perhaps slower than expected. He needs more and better coaching. Worthington had a better second half tonight. We need his 6’11 inch body and to use him on the defense in short stints. WE shall see.

Well they won by 13 and are still recovering from the flu. I suspect that things will pick up more in a few more days.

Worthington had a better what? What exactly did he do?

Our problem is defense and missing layups. The Zone has holes in it and not extending out far enough. Our weak side help doesn’t rotate fast enough back to the 3 point shooters. Man defense has to pressure more often and get turnovers more often.

We get into funks on offense. Instead of shooting 20 three pointers in a half, take the ball to the key more often for shorter shots.

I agree with your Worthington comment. Sorry, I can’t answer the question as I am befuddled also.

You’re right, Scott, on driving more and taking less 3’s. I cringe many times when they jack the 3 so often and so early. When they went up by 17 in the second half, it was because of Winder’s drives to the basket, then later on because of Collingswoth’s bursts to the basket. Haw’s drives late in the second half sealed the deal. But when they lost the 17 point leads it came as a result of jacking up those 3’s and missing. Halford jacking up three in a row and luckily making the last one late in the game could have easily turned the game if he missed that third.

Bruce, you are too nice to Luke… yes, BYU needs him but he just doesn’t deliver. Look at his minutes compared to his production and it is awful. He is a defensive liability and really only has the ability to be effective when the game goes into chaos mode.

He provides no offense, very few rebounds and well, I can’t think of anything that is helpful.

This is not a ncaa tourney team until they get some decent inside production in some form or another. What is the story with Austin? When will he be ready? It’s obvious Nielson isn’t going to get the minutes he needed to contribute and Kaufusi is still so raw. Why a guy his size feels the need to jump so much (pump fakes, shot blocking, etc.) I have no idea.

This is the single biggest problem… ineffective big men.

Also, you can add the obsession with firing up 3’s and the unwillingness to protect a big lead…

While you are talking of Kafusi still being raw, Jim, do you understand why we would have our center (whoever it is) come out 25-30’ to pretend to guard someone. I realize there is such a thing as trying to push the offense of their rhythm and all that, but why 25-30’ out and why force a big to come out to that distance. I have watched this for some games and it leaves our bigs continuously scrambling around trying to get back to their man down low (and hence be out of position more often than not as they transition). Rose has utilized this defensive philosophy quite a bit and maybe I’m just basketball stupid, but I don’t get it.

I believe you used to be a ref like me and hence saw alot of games close up and maybe you have seen the value in that. I just don’t quite see it and feel it’s a poor defensive strategy as any decent guard can penetrate around a big, come up the middle, suck in the wing defense and then dish to open shooters on the wings. Am I missing something or just don’t understand “modern” defensive schemes?!

The bigs come out front in the zone when the top of the zone shifts left or right to pick up the swing pass to the top until the guards shift back. Without doing this their offense would have wide open 3s or 2s in close.

Blah-See how the game against St Mary’s goes next Saturday. I didn’t expect them to win but after the Pepperdine fiasco they probably need to win. It’s a lot to ask of a team to expect it to win with almost zero contribution from at least one big body, Austin will help, but I’m not sure what kind of shape he will be in and how long he will last. Kaufusi’s problem is his inexperience. It’s a lot to expect from a freshman’s first year when everyone thought he would be playing football. Offensively he plays like he is 6’2" at times, but he will improve-his upside is pretty good. Hopefully in two years we will have a dominate front court. This team is going to have to play above themselves defensively to make the dance. Halford drives me nuts sometimes, but he does bring energy to the game. I still don’t know why Bartley isn’t getting more time. He is a better defender than some of the others that are getting playing time and his offensive skills will never get better this way. I’m not really wanting to get down on this team too much-it is what has been showing up on the court, but I don’t believe it’s from lack of effort. It’s alot to expect for a team to shoot lights out every game so you still have to win the “grit” games like Pepperdine. I hope they bring it the next to road games.

Anyone heard about Aytes’s status. Expected he might be back in January but haven’t heard any news?

8’s better off to redshirt to have three years to play starting 2015 - 16. Why waste short playing time now.

Understand that, and have no problem with them coming to the top of the key. But why go out another 4-5’ further. Exactly what good does Rose think he is accomplishing?

I happened to take a look at a game from the Ainge, Roberts, Durrant era and noticed the zone played and it was quite different and a lot more effective. The movement was consistent. When the ball went to the top of the key, the center would come up from just below the free throw line (Alan Taylor) and move close to the key while both guards maintained wing positions. As soon as the ball dropped to either wing, the guard picked up and the center moved lower, allowing the forwards to slip closer to the wings. I realize we had some very quick and good defensive players, but it looked generally very smooth and effective and never allowed open shots on the perimeter, although occasionally the ball would get inside - but Taylor was a leaper, as were Roberts and Durrant and it was tough to score inside also.

No joke, but I think that team had the horses to beat anyone but didn’t quite jell at the right time. I do believe they would easily take down the team of today and would take down Gonzaga as well. Had Durrant stayed one more year instead of taking off on his mission, I believe that Virginia final 8 game the following year might have been different and allowed for a final four appearance.

Well, maybe Arnold would not have had Kite try to take it to their center who stuffed him every time without fouling. Arnold was hoping to get him out of the game. Didn’t happen and we lost. Arnold should have stuck with Ainge and Roberts.

I thought we were talking about the “big” (BYU never has more than one in the game at a time) in the man defense. Why does Kaufusi come way out on Davis? I see them do it when they are in a zone D, but no reason for it in man D.

That is one reason Pepperdine was so effective… Davis going one on one with Kaufusi or Worthlessington was a matchup they took advantage of and there was never any backside help.

Jamal was done for the year within days of his surgery. No need to risk rushing him back early and waste a year of eligibility for just a handful of games. He will be an absolute stud down low next year.

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