Told you about the scheduling problems with Indy

The latest issue with arizona speaks for itself. We don’t hold any barganing chips with Arozona???

Supply a link so we understand what you are talking about.

Basically, we gave up the return home game in 2020 for a neutral site game in 2021, and pushed our home game with them to 2026. Or in other words, never. We will play 1 in Tucson, one in Phoenix, one in Vegas, before we ever see a return trip to provo in 2026 and then we return again to Tucson in 2027. So a A-N-N-H-A arrangement. A 5 game series with Arizona where we get 1 game at home? Anyone want to take bets on that home game happening? I’ll give you 10-1 odds.

I think Bronco explained the reasoning behind what BYU is up to. He wants to play the big guys now and hopefully things will work out for the best in the future. Bronco showed a lot of intestinal fortitude on the BYUSN broadcast on Wednesday. Go for it Bronco, GO GOUGARS.