Tonight a must win!

Gonzaga scores 115 points today… we need to do the same. BYU must shoot 60% tonight and have only 8 turnovers to win.

Referees are idiots!
Dons shooting tonight really bad. No free throws for BYU and AB got hurt twice. Atiki got fouled Going after a rebound when the Don’s made 2nd FT what a stupid by referee. I tell you this game really making me sick

USF must shoot 21% and get at least 15 free throw attempts in the first half to have the lead at halftime.

Oh wait, that is exactly what happened. More blatant evidence of how much the WCC hates the Cougars and loves Gonzaga and anyone else who might be decent in a given year. It’s USF this time.

Additionally USF has 2 assists and only 5 fouls called against them, compared to BYU’s 11 fouls.

BYU can’t get out of this bogus conference fast enough.

The best thing that can happen is for Pope to continue to build the quality as BYU gets ready to move to the Big 12.

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Pope technical woke the refs up and made them realize how biased they were in the first half. USF playing so poorly in the first half when they were afforded the opportunities to get a big lead was their eventual demise.

BYU got 18 free throw attempts in the second half to USF 13 and that helped them to the win. It was nice to see Lohner wake up in the second half and play like he is capable of.

BYU shot 43 percent and had 12 turnovers…

and they still won. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yep! Everything balances off. And, Lohner finally just started to play again at the end. In the nick of time. Fun game and a big win!

They needed that extra help from the referees in the 2nd half. I was expecting BYU to get calls in the 1st half and SF in the 2nd half because it was their home court

Just pointing out how your pregame comments were off base. BYU didn’t need to do those things in order to win. Pope got the technical foul and woke the refs out of their biased slumber…

BYU gutted it out and the refs couldn’t give USF any more chances.

Good night, maybe you can dream up a new analysis tonight.

Keep dreaming :joy: