Tough loss 84-87

I’ve said all year to win, especially against good teams, BYU has to keep turnovers under 10. We were at 10. We have to shoot 40% from 3’s. We shot 33%. We did neither.
The other thing missing was assists. Only 7 tonight. With Childs we win going away. We would have had open shooters at the 3 land. We ended up too much one person driving.

I didn’t get to watch the game. It was on too late and I live in Texas and had to get up at 5:30 am this morning. It sounds like BYU played well but they have to have a healthy Childs to consistently beat top teams on the road. Ten turnovers isn’t bad and 33% on threes isn’t terrible. Remember if you shoot 6 twos and hit 3 of them it is equivalent to hitting 2 out of 6 threes.They probably would have won with those stats if Yoeli had played because they would have probably at least been even in the rebounding battle and it would have offset the sub par 3 point shooting and like you said with his inside presence there would have been more open looks from 3 and maybe a better percentage.

It seems this team is snake bit. First the suspension, then Baxter’s injury, those were the two biggest problems and now this injury to Childs. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be out long but it probably cost BYU at least one win. Getting a win at St. Marys would have been huge especially without their best player.

Well, it’s a full luxation on his shooting finger. The way he was holding it, I think it’s 4-6 weeks. They said 1-2 but not in basketball.
There were some issues other than a couple of 3’s or one less turnover at crucial times.

  1. Missed free throws
  2. 3 bricked layups
  3. 4 missed fouls by big nose

The overall FT % was over 80% so that is real good.

Big nose is the one who needs to be out 4-6 weeks!!!

Sometimes the statistics don’t tell the whole story.
With the freethrow, it was the timing of the missed ones. Critical missed front end of one and ones. Or, to complete a three point play after SM makes a three or a three point play. All this down the stretch.
With layups, Nixon drove in for a layup and acted like he was expecting contact and the ball never got on the glass or above the rim. Or Haws drives the baseline and doesn’t kiss the ball off the glass where it should be because he’s more worried about the contact. And, he doesn’t get the call either. While Ford goes down and does the exact same drive and focuses on the backboard and lays it softly off the glass for a layup and gets the foul because of the contact down low just like Haws. And he makes his free throw to complete the three point play. Haws doesn’t. Things like that that should not happen at this level.
Big nose got injured on a play where at half court on the side line, the SM player jumped in the air to pass the ball and landed on a stationary BYU player knocking him down and leveling big nose who was in the way. No call. SM scores. So, SM shoots 7 more free throws and makes more layups and wins the game. Same thing I’ve been complaining about for years. We blow layups because we are more concerned about the contact and don’t focus on the shot.
One other thing. Only 7 assists. Too much hero ball and few assists. SM took away the three shots pretty well. Without Childs, no double teams and the ability to pass the ball for an open 3.

Since I didn’t see the game I didn’t know where the misses came. Missed front ends are a killer especially down the stretch of a game.

I have another bone to pick that BYU needs to clean up. Multiple times we have had the ball to finish the first half and turn the ball over without getting the last shot off. Last night it happened and SM goes down and scores. We have to clean that up. It’s similar to the turnovers based on laziness. Seljaas had another one of those. He gets a pass out at the 3 point line and the ball softly jumps from his hands into the defender’s hands. That happens with out players. Coach pulled him right out of there.
Without Childs I’d like to see Lee and Nixon catch the ball at the top of the key and be in triple threat position. If they are open they need to be ready to shoot the 3. They’ve been real good this year.

Where are all the smart talking heads? A game with SM and silence?

I will have to say, I am impressed with Pope.
BYU this years seems to get more than their share of obstacles.
First Childs is suspended, then Baxter goes down for the year. Now Childs is out what 2-3 weeks with the finger separation…

As my mom would say “If I did not have bad luck, I would have no luck at all”.

But to overcome that with a 12-5 record at this point, that says something about the players and the coach.

To play St. Mary’s that tight without a true big, I am impressed.

He will continue to grow and get better as well. I’m concerned with the types of injuries. Especially in practice during league play.
Last night was frustrating in that we ended up losing the game with our own stupid mistakes. Things you would think not happen this far into the season. Seljaas turnover was something he did early on. And I thought we were over missing layups because we were afraid of contact. That miss by Nixon ended up being huge. And I’m not saying he didn’t play a very good all around game. He did. So did Sejlass. It’s the Junior High School types of mistakes that should not happen at this level. Haws kept us in the game and played great. But, when he drives the baseline from the left side(facing the basket) and doesn’t know how to lay up the ball putting the wrong spin and missing the proper spot on the back board by 6 inches, worrying about the contact, I scratch my head. There were 5 or 6 things like that, that could have given us the win. I used to solve this contact fear with high school freshman at a 1A school very quickly. I would stand under the basket during layup drills and forearm the players, push them, undercut them until they had no fear of hitting the floor. They learned to focus on the backboard and where the ball had to hit for the layup to go in. They could do it. Why not BYU players?

Props for the quote on luck and shout out to Ray Charles, but the Pat Travers version was one of the crucial jams in DT W hall in 1984-85.

I listened to the game last night till about 2-3 minutes remaining in regulation when byu got behind 9 points. I listened at about 1 minute left and we were 3 points behind. We did very well in the game but OT really hurt us mostly on turn overs. We had 10 TO’s but during OT look like we turn it over half of that 10. We should have won it anyway if TJ had hit that last shot in OT.
So this Big Nose was in that game? He was there last year too, at Moraga. Is that a pattern that he will be there every year? And the other two refs didn’t make any call after that big nose knocked out? Typical officials.
Our BYU players are doing a lot better this year on defense and practicing really hard and we are seeing three big players getting hurt, “Baxter shoulder, Yoeli finger and Lee knee.” Maybe it was necessary those players need to work hard at practice but we don’t want to see our best two players go down. Maybe Mark Pope shoud get a green shirt “DO NOT TOUCH ME” white print on it.
Anyway, next game we need to sharpen our shooting and reduce turnovers.

BYU should be ok as long as they can get healthy by 23 January when they play Pacific on the road. Everything will come down to winning their home games and winning their road games except Gonzaga and SMC, which they already lost. I can’t see this team faltering like they have in past years. Look forward to a few entertaining years of basketball with Pope at the helm.

Yolie’s finger won’t be ready by then. I think 4-6 weeks. Sucks because he was playing really good and so was the team. We got back to hero ball last night. Hopefully we can figure things out.

As you know, I never respond to flamethrower Scott. But I am glad you addressed his simplistic math of turnovers and 3point %. There is a reason why every odds maker in the land, including Pomeroy, give 8 points as a handicap when a team plays on the road. It is mostly that 3s don’t go down (could be lighting or depth perception in a strange gym)
I did watch the game and BYU more then held their own, the place where is lost as on 2 areas:

On Defense, Lee got some cheap fouls and had to sit when we were already lean in the middle. Lee is our best rebounder, enforcer in the middle with out Childs. Seljaas comes in for Lee and he just does not have the mass to slow down bigger bodies inside, Seljaas is a gamer, and I love his fight but he is not a force inside so foes exploit that. We were abused on the boards without Childs and Lee’s foul trouble hurt us in this game. What also hurt BYU was closeouts…we normally don’t allow many open looks from 3 but SMC’s motion offense really hurt us. Krebs two 3s should not have happened.

2- On Offense, Haws takes too many shots! Love him, he’s my guy, I’ve help trained him…but he is far below about 5 guys on the team on shooting %. Haws 5 turnovers cost us but mostly his high risk shots cost us points and the two guys that should be taking more shots? Lee and Barcellos.
Lee was perfect from the field, granted he is a roll player but SMC at times was undersized on the court and Lee should have the ball for his patented “Back down” hook shot. Barcellos especially needs to look to shoot more, he never takes a risk shot with defenders hanging on him, I have always said that Barcello needs to drive more and be as aggressive on offense as he is on defense.

Lastly, why in the hell did Ford get that open look just before half time. 6 seconds and we don’t even guard him. He dribbles to the 3 line steps back and takes a wide open 3 (and that was after a timeout) Cre Cre, Coaches get the big bucks to avoid 19 year old brainfarts.

Well, Ford got that open 3 before half time because we turned the ball over trying to take the last shot. As I posted, this happens often. Pope has to clean this up now.

I agree with you with the rest. Without Yolie, Haws is really the only guy who can drive. Yes, he turns the ball over trying to drive. If he didn’t he would never drive. And in the game, he was the only one getting layups and open midrange shots. Toolsen backed players down and got some contested shots. Everyone else sparingly. I agree Lee needs the ball more.
Since you seem to be at practice working with these guys, would you stand under the basket during layup drills and hit theses guys low until the stop worrying about being hit and focus on the backboard for the layups? When Ford drove the baseline and kissed the ball perfectly off the backboard while he was getting bumped low, his eyes were 100% focused on the backboard. Not our players. We throw up no look shots worrying how we are going to land.

I had to leave the last 18 seconds of the first half and was stunned that SMC had a 3 point lead. Should have never happened. Simplistic? Yeh you could definitely say that. I wish it were that simple, but it never is. Shooting 42percent from 3, especially on the road is always tough and minus 10 turnovers, depends a lot on the pace of the game, but it’s a good thing to shoot for. What loses most games, though, is poor rotation on defense and ultimately hurt BYU in this game, but SMC deserves a lot of credit for their ball movement

I really enjoyed watching this game. Officiating was outstanding. TJ doesn’t want to believe it, but of all the guys in our rotation, he and Seljaas are the worst 3pt shooters, BY FAR. Some might say? “ yeah well TJ is shooting high risk shots off the dribble and the other guys are shooting open 3s off passes.” If you just think about that for a second it will make a lot of sense why TJ should knock it off. I love his creativeness with the ball. I love it when he goes into the paint. I hate it when he takes selfish, hurried, off balance 3s. He is our worst shooter because he takes our worst shots.

PLEASE PLEASE BARCELLO take more shots. Be more aggressive on O. Ditto my man Harding.

It is a Bennett signature. I have often wondered why Bennett has not left for a big pay check? I know he’s a cheater but that never stopped P5s. He may just love Moraga?? I know Few could never get to a great fly fishing stream anywhere else on game day, that’s why he ain’t leaving.
Few has his priorities right in life

Did I hear an Echo? hahahaha
Yes, I forgot to mention Harding. TJ, stop with the too hard to catch passes that only Childs can only get. Trust Barcellos, Toolson and Harding more. Haws, you’re my guy, just trust the force.

BYU is so fun to watch this year. We have tons of Sr. leadership so enjoy the ride but I want to point a few specifics that happened from the Rose/Pope transition:
Seljaas, Nixon were thee worst passers all three years under Rose. They have changed into smart passers with Pope.
Lee had not growth with Rose, I don’t cringe when he comes in. He completely overhauled his body over the summer. Leads the team in 3%, just sayin. Nixon also