Troy, why BYU dominated

OK, Deep breath here…BYU ran that HATED 3 front and Troy could not run against it (19 total yards) and they could not pass against it. On paper, BYU was not supposed to be able to do that. We watched Tonga, while double teamed, bust through for a sack, on the very next play, DEnd, Dawe gets the sack.

Troy’s QB, Gunner (love the name) was overwhelmed when BYU could stuff the run with only three BYU defenders on the line. Without a running game, BYU made Troy one dimensional. Game over. Other then one pass that got away for 55 yards, BYU held Troy to under 200 total yards.

On the other side of the ball, Wilson had a career night, 392 yards. Wilson had 6 receivers with receptions over 23 yards.

Romney and Milne both had career nights. You would have to go back decades to find 2 BYU receivers with nights like that on one night.

BYU does not have elite rushers but with a Oline that is ranked #1 in the nation, Katoa/Allgeier are running through 10 yard gaps. I personally would have liked to see BYU just line up and punish with an entire series of nothing but bull runs to see if we can do it.

Troy looked very small, like a lot of their players looked 5’5 or 5’7 while BYU towered over them.

Pau’u wants that halfback throw back.

We had a Tight End catch, Hahaha, amazing.

Now I would like to see BYU play a Utah, or a SEC team to see just where BYU sits.

Yeah, noticed and agree with everything you said. Agree on using a game like that to try something and see if they could do it… like 10 straight running plays and an 80 yard touchdown drive. I was very impressed with the line of scrimmage on both sides for BYU. If a team can control the offensive and defensive line they win the game 95% of the time. Turnovers are the only thing that would prevent a win.

A combined score of 100-10 in your first two games is pretty dominating.

Houston will try us some. Also, Louisiana Tech will too with a short week to prepare. And, whatever COVID19 desides to do.
I hear Boise is talking with BYU to play.