Trump has succeeded to be the nominee

Well, here we are again. 4 years ago, evangelists would not vote for Romney. Today, how many Mormons will stay home and not vote for Trump? We ended up with 8 years of Odummer commie because sanctimonious conservative and republicans didn’t find McCain or Romney righteous enough. 8 years and we have seen God’s commandments trampled on more and more where we see men in women’s bathrooms and it’s somehow okay. And marriage is now a thing of convenience and nothing to do with sacred vows with God in the covenant. Now, drugs are a good thing and should be used freely. Chopping heads off by Isis is not okay but decapitating unborn children is okay.
Yes, republican politicians don’t look much different than democrats these days. But, I say they do and are different and we can’t continue with another Saul Aulinsky follower like Hillary. She must be stopped even if the republicans don’t have a perfect nominee.
Oh, I know there are many who say their conscience can’t let them vote for Trump so they won’t vote at all or vote libertarian. Of course, libertarians are good for the financial economy and all. But, they are bad for everything else.

The choice is like going to the dentist and having him ask “How do you want your tooth pulled, by pliers or a hammer”!

Neither choice is good…

My main issue with Trump, is that he has been all over the map throughout his life, he was democrat, a Republican, an Independent, back to being Republican… He was liberal (Supports Planned Parenthood, Socialized medicine) then he a conservative talking about immigration, and cutting taxes…

Can anyone honestly believe he can “work with” Congress?

And Hillary? She isn’t all over the place. She’s true blue commie. I think the choice is easy

I’m hopeful… but not very optimistic about Trump. The only consolation with either one of them is that regardless of who wins, we know we are rapidly approaching the time for the second coming and they will move it speedily ahead.

One encouraging thing about being all over the place is that a person can change many times and still have the influence of good. Ronald Reagan was a democrat before he became one of the greatest (republican) presidents of all time.

If Trump somehow became a Ronald Reagan type president I would be totally fine with that.

We know Hillary won’t be a Ronald Reagan…those that won’t vote or vote for Micky Mouse are helping Hillary. They aren’t innocent.

Dude… stay on topic… I was talking about my concerns for the person who we were talking about… TRUMP…

I thought the issues with Hillary was pretty well clear already… “HORRIBLE!”

Here is the thing…
If you look at the GOP registered voters right now, about 49 percent of them dislike Trump. 44 percent support Trump.

The ONLY reason that Trump has the lead in delegates is the fact that some states have “Winning takes all”, which in my opinion negates voter of people…

If the National GOP wants to make it fair, they should get state GOP to go propositional for their delegates.

this would allow the 49 percent voices being heard…JMHO…

You mean proportional. Okay, let’s do that for the Presidential election in November and have several presidents divided proportional by the percentage of votes they receive. If one gets 45% of the votes that person can be president for 0.45 x 4yrs = 1.8 yeas and so on.
We could do the same for sports too! The percentage of points gives you the number of wins. That way it would behoove a team to trounce the other as much as possible.
Maybe we could get God to give a percentage of time in the Celestial Kingdom based on the number of good and bad behaviors.
Naw, the majority wins all. Just makes more sense…

You do realize when you make posts like this, that it makes people think LESS of your opinion?

Seriously what does all the stuff you wrote about a concept for winning a presidential election?

There is feelings in this country that “my vote don’t count”, because like in California all the Electoral Votes will go to Hillary, because the coast line is heavily democratic, so if you live inland, why vote?

I am just saying that if you change the way the delegates and electoral votes are divided up, it would be more reflective of how the people voted.

how that correlates with God and the Celestial Kingdom or how long you are in the office of President makes no sense to me…

Try having an intelligent interchange of ideas Scott, people would respect your opinion a lot more if you did…

The founding fathers set up the nation as a democratic republic. Majority, based on electoral votes to give more to each state. Not to each individual. It’s the best system.
Now, we could divide up California and make it 3 separate or 2 separate states. But, that won’t change much except give democrats more of the upper hand.
I think Texas should leave and be another country and we all like minded conservatives move there :slight_smile:

Dude, you really do not understand what I am saying…

Yes we are Democratic Republic, no problem…

But the electoral college was set up to prevent heavily populated state controlling election over smaller states.

All I am saying if we change the way the delegates (which is decided by state) and electors that reflect the vote, then I think it would still prevent heavily populated states from controlling the election, and actually give more power to smaller states because now their 5 votes may be the difference between winning and losing.

Trump said that he would provide a list of 10 potential Supreme Court appointees if he were elected president. I would much rather have him appoint the next Supreme Court Judge than Hillary Clinton and lose more of our freedoms. Republicans need to start sucking it up and get behind Trump and keep the Clinton Political Machine from crushing us in the future.

Agreed! We know what kind of justices Hillary will appoint. And not just on the Supreme Court. Anyone who is for Hillary wants either communism or fascism.

So, you like the electoral system. Wasn’t it President Andrew Jackson who fought against this backroom system to keep power. Jackson was a president that was for the people, by the people and of the people. To me it is a more representative form of govenment when the people voices are heard and represented.

A straight democracy allows for dictatorships. We are not a complete democracy. The Lord inspired the founding fathers to institute a Democratic REPUBLIC. To help make small states have more of a say-so, the electro-college system was inspired. Democrats don’t like it. Tells you how they think about communism.