"TV" link for BYU v Alabama

I couldn’t find the game on normal TV, but found this:

Somehow it didn’t work. I started watching a “periscope” stream from some dude that was at the game. Scary what you can get on the internet.

BYU down 11 at halftime. One thing we seem to be consistent at is getting weak officials. They just aren’t very good overall… and BYU suffers as a result.

Have to make more of the open 3s.

Yeah, if BYU had made the open 3’s they might have had a chance.

That has a familiar sound to it…

BYU was down 10 with 2 minutes to go and they wasted 20 seconds doing nothing, then Haws took a crappy 3 pointer from way outside the arc, air ball and the game was over. I mean it was probably over before then but Haws just made sure.

I never saw Dastrup get in the game. Congratulations to Rose and his staff for their hard work on player development… setting this team up for a third place finish or worse in the wcc.

Terrible coaching, mediocre play, Haws is a joke… especially making all conference last year. How in the world did that happen? BYU has Childs, Bryant sometimes, Seljaas is good for a couple 3’s every game and that is it. It’s too bad…

Alabama is a top 25 team in which we played them most of the game to a 7-10 point loss. We can be better than mediocre. Haws had a decent game. I agree about Dastrup. Bryant’s foot and free throws lost this game. Rose can’t shoot the ball for them.

There was nothing wrong with Bryant’s foot. He moved just fine so I don’t know what you are talking about. BYU gets dominated inside and Rose is doing nothing to change that.

Opponents will watch film and take advantage of that. They will also allow BYU to shoot the 3 point bombs because they aren’t worried about that.

BYU lost the game because they were outplayed again, plain and simple.

Not in the 2nd half. Same with UTA. Again, hit 2 or 3 more 3’s and 80% FT and we may have won. It’s not that wide of range from winning and losing. Only in your mind :slight_smile:

I liked the defense and the effort. I actually thought Haws is showing improvements over last year. We lost this game by poor shooting. I love the hustle from Worthington. Get’s a good shot or get’s fouled. His rotations are more crisp. Looks like he gives a crap.

We’re an underdog…That means we need 3’s to win games against a team like Alabama. I do think players are too quick to let the offense break down. I want haws to run around screen after screen after screen. If they go under, go back and forth. if they chase, screen in the post. Also, we need to green light the bigs to shoot more, even if they slump just so they can get out of it and they can be a threat eventually. It’s there if they get reps.

I dislike the 1-3-1. It’s useful against bad teams with athletes, but I’m not interested in using it in a game like this. Am I missing something here?

I can’t stand poor FT shooting. It doesn’t matter who you are, hit your FTs!

We think alike here. Jim and others have a tainted look about any of the LP players and it is reflected in their analysis. Yours is not. So, I agree about Haws. I also agree about Worthington. However, Dastrup has more upside than Worthington does and needs to play more than 3 minutes. The way to do this is to have Nixon come in for Yoli. Sometimes having the two 4 men in there can change the dynamics. Mix it up but get Dastrup playing time.
Spot on about making 3’s and FTs. We didn’t lose this game because we shot too many 3s.

Didn’t get to watch the game, but in reading the remarks are we going to win an die by the 3 point shot? I still wish we had a dominant center (in the 7 foot range) that demands double coverage and frees up the outside shooters. I thought Neilson who transferred to UVU was the man who could both shoot from distance and underneath. I have never understood why we lost him. There should be some good JC or transfer options as we build for next year. Liked the statement that the defense has improved… and will under Shroyer.

No, we aren’t over shooting 3s in 4 of the 5 games we’ve played. But, we have to shoot enough of them in game situations to get better. A couple more passes for rythem will help. We thought our FT shooting was vastly improved until today’s game. A couple more made 3s and our average for FT and we would have had a chance for a win. Which means we played a very good game even if Jim doesn’t think so.
We had a dominating 5 man last year and where did it get us? We need to play team ball. But, if Rose is going to count on Worthington to be consistent he’s making a mistake. Dastrup needs as many minutes or more than Worthington. Dastrup has the skills to dominate over the next couple of years. Nixon should by subbing for Childs.

We lost a lot of players because of the LP3, he was just one of them. Yes… that whole debacle killed BYU basketball. What has the team done in the last few years? Nothing of note, that’s for sure.

But there are so many fans out there hopping around in the grass that don’t care. They think the team is great regardless of what they do on the court.

How has he shown “improvements” over last year? He was 1-6 on 3’s and air balled one from long distance at a critical point in the game. After that miss, any chance of coming back was pretty much over. A shot like that sucks the life out of a team. So how has he improved? His slew footed walk makes him look slow, his defense proves he is. He is the last piece of the LP3 debacle, when he leaves, BYU can start over.

Childs was the only player in double figures and he shot 33% on FT’s.

He is more in control. Not forcing as many actions or getting too worked up. I think you need to take a step back and evaluate him without the emotional baggage of last year. I actually like that he’s not trying to force up as many shots. I’m sure he could find his rhythm and be dominate scorer from outside, but I’m enjoying his distribution ability, which has improved significantly. His passes are more precise and he’s better about making the easy play. He still sometimes tries to be fancier than necessary but I see that as a product of his expectation of where someone should be. I like Hardnet there as well actually. Fewer transition threes outside the offense, fewer turnovers, fewer instances of him being out of place on defense.

SO yes you can point to the stat line from a single game and say he shot poorly, but I’m seeing improvement. The next thing I want from him is to figure out how to center in a game mentally and stay there. I think he needs to play ‘hot’ which I don’t mind, so long as he can get there and stay there without it getting out of control. His brother was the opposite and sometimes he came off as passive but he was playing ‘cold’ or emotionally calm, he just looked angry. I actually like it when the ref screws over TJ. His anger gets him into his particular zone. Just needs to work on that

Incidentally, I looked up TJ’s 3P% for the year and its sitting at 40%, and I’m fine with that.

I’m actually enjoying this team…Not sure why everyone is mad about it. So they lost to a better team, ok, I liked the effort, didn’t like the way the game was called. And I think we need to greenlight the bigs from three minus worthington of course. We need more driving lanes…especially for Eli and Jashire.

Also, Kajon needs to calm down a little. I see great potential there, but he needs to be calmer.

Dastrup is fascinating. So is Nixon. I see an opportunity to be versatile here with this set of players. If Payton can play defense the way worthington does and execute on the offense, I’d love to see more of him.

If I’m Rose, I think the 3 part strategy for long term success at BYU is a 5 shooter system with 2 power forwards and big guards. Players like Yeoli are the prize. 5 Shooter, positionless basketball with exceptional ball and off ball player movement. We need to admire and emulate St. Mary’s movement, but we need more shooting.

I’m curious to see how they adjust to tight man coverages. Honestly…I’m desperate to see them put one of the bigs in the high post, maybe Yeoli or Nixon and let him trigger the ball into the other big screened by a gaurd up top or feed to the corner on an away screen. If you’re going to try and hug TJ, fine, let’s run them into worthington over and over and over until they lose the taste and their man.

But I admit…I’ve been a spurs fan for 20 years, so I have certain biases and preferences. For instance, cast Hardnet in the tony parker role of track star and let him run laps in loops.

I’m still torn about pace of play. There are arguments for fast and slow paces.

I like him too that he is unselfish with the ball. Hardly any turnovers compared to what I saw last year.
Defense has gotten better. Offense, they need to calm down and get in the right position if they are going to shoot 3’s.
Hope they will do better against UMass tomorrow. And please, let Dastrup play more minutes.

I agree, more minutes for Dastrup. It might take some weird line ups, but I’d love to see Rose experiment away.

Yeoli at the three occasionaly for short minutes? Dastrup at 5 and nixon at 4? Obeys the five shooter rule even if they aren’t proven yet.

But yes more minutes for dastrup. Which breaks my heart because I love Luke. That man cares. And he executes. Notice how well he runs the floor? Sometimes he has position deep and can’t get the ball. He’s not the most talented big but he is the one I fist pump the most for.

Side note, does it drive anyone else crazy that our guards don’t run tight on the screens AND that they seem to reject the screen a lot? I think it should go the other way personally even if you just dribble and return.

And with addition that I forgot: TJ has gotten better and forget about last year. All those (last year) TO’s and wild 3 pointers clangs & bricks. He is no longer about LP3, TJ is now playing as a team. Last year was bad and this year let them work as a team. Yes, we may be 3rd place again but they can improve before starting wcc.

Your ideas are good ones, but does anyone think Rose is going to do any of it? I don’t think a zebra can change his stripes and pretend to be a horse. Rose is what he is and he does the same stuff every year. Will it get the Cougars a win vs. Gonzaga or some other elite team? Yeah, maybe once or twice this season. But the likely result will be the same it has been EVERY season in the last 6… a runner up or lesser spot, maybe a NIT bid and that is about it.

I would be okay with that if I didn’t see talent sitting on the bench while Rose plays his favorites. That is something else he does every season.

A zebra can’t change his stripes…

Honestly, systems coaches drive me insane! A good coach accepts there is no perfect strategy, only the goal and the situation, and everything else must conform to that. Be willing to go back to the drawing board as often as you need to, though I would recommend building a system that you can consistently recruit to complete. That’s the difference between a guy like popovich, who has won in a myriad of ways, and Mike D’antoni.

Especially because it’s so obvious. 5 shooters, somewhat positionless basketball, and Ball movement and off ball player movement emphasized. Less about one superstar we can’t seem to find and more about the team.

I’m curious what your top three minutes lineups would be? who do you want to see less of? I’m willing to do a lot of development time this season. What’s Andrus expected to do?