Twice on the same floor

UT Arlington showed exactly how bad the team really is…and is not…long way to go.

I take it completely different. We lacked in our 3 point shooting. 5 or 6 more makes and the game doesn’t get out of hand. And we have a shot to win. Not worried at all.

grasshopper… I appreciate your positive spin, but you could look at a pile of crap and see steak and potatoes.

You are not seeing things as they are. BYU got worked in this game. They have a lot to improve on.

Have to agree with Jim on this one. Shooting was way off, but was their a reason for that? How about the mostly horrible defense after the first 10 minutes (in which we actually played decent)? How about the lack of inside game? How about the bad ball handling and passes? How about the mental breakdowns on both ends of the floor.

The only way anyone can “not be worried” about this team is a) you really don’t care about BYU basketball so it doesn’t matter, b) 15-18 wins against crappy teams means a successful season to you or c) your blue glasses are turned on so high that what is happening on the floor is somehow being filtered by your brain to ignore the really bad and only recognize anything that is good. Not making fun of anyone here but that’s just how I see it.

TA isn’t a crappy team. They have 2 future NBA players and maybe 3. The defense doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to 22% on 3 point shots. Wide open shots too.

While they still turn the ball over too much, it was less than other games and against a better defensive team. That wasn’t the reason for the loss. You look at the stats and they are even except for one thing, 3 point shooting. That makes a difference and it stops momentum too.

Mr. Grasshopper.
he didn’t say UTA was a bad team.
he did say [quote=“Rudi, post:4, topic:7718”]
The only way anyone can “not be worried” about this team is…, b) 15-18 wins against crappy teams means a successful season to you…[/quote]
He was implying that BYU will only win 15-18 of their games this year and that those will be against the worst teams on the schedule.

I would agree except BYU in the WCC has consistently lost to some of the worst teams in the league so it seems to me the 18 wins is a pretty big stretch this year…
With Mika, Emery, Beo, Framption, Aytes, returning along with the RMs returning some actually thought BYU would be on the fringe of a top 25 team.
This team is on the fringe of being irrelevant in the conference race if they can’t figure out how to improve…yes that does include shooting inter alia.

Well, we already beat a good team, Princeton. And, when we are shooting well from outside, we can beat the very good teams.

You are having a hard time understanding what happened. BYU lost badly and it wasn’t just because they shot poorly from 3 point range.They were outplayed in many other aspects of the game. Don’t focus on the outside shooting, it is keeping you from seeing everything else that was going on.

A good 0-3 team?
A team with a large turnover, including losing most of their best players from last year. When it is clear the replacements haven’t stepped up yet? A team generally recognized being so good it wouldn’t even be in the conversation for the WCC race were it in the WCC. It is in the Ivy League, you know one of those leagues where if you don’t win the conference tournament you don’t dance. A team statistically on the edge of dropping from the upper third of the NCAA Division 1 teams.

Most years Princeton would have been considered a complete gimme game. That the team this year couldn’t beat them soundly shows how bad this BYU team is. Not by a long shot does it show that they were a good team.

Yes it was. Every other category was a wash. Rose said after the game we can’t play a team like that without making the shots (3’s). The first thing is we would not have been down 25 points.

Hang in there Harold…

Trying to get grasshopper to understand and accept reality is a never ending battle.

It is okay what you want to say Hopper. All I can say if they start hitting their 3’s and improve their stats (defense, assists, etc) then we will be happy with some winning games. But as for winning the wcc IT IS STILL A LONG SHOT LIKE ALWAYS. Losing to those starting with a P letter schools we will continue to lose like always. Like it or not we will be in 3rd place or worse. This season there will be no 3 teams invites to ncaa because we are playing those weak non conference games. SMC will messed our players head again this year because coach Bennett can out coach Dave Rose. That Princeton was an ugly win and a bad loss to UTA.
We will see how things goes during non conference games for now. I like to see Payton Dastrup play more.

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the frustrating thing about all Dave Rose teams, other than the Fredette/J. Emery/Davies teams, is that they go through l-o-n-g scoring droughts where teams go on huge runs. Every game. Every time. This is a coaching thing, because while it does happen, you have to adjust to it and do other things when it does. If you can’t hit an outside shot, you can’t continue to clank away from three (especially if you have suspect rebounding). You have to adjust your game and stop the bleeding and score in other ways.

If we truly are a feast-or-famine, do-or-die three-point shot team that goes through long and extensive three-point droughts, then we are doomed. We don’t have a good inside game, a balanced offense, good rebounding, or good defense.

I wasn’t happy to see Seljaas come back after only 8 months in the mission field just to play basketball again, but he’s not even a good, consistent gunner.

UTA is suppose to win their league. Princeton was an away game victory which the NCAA likes. We have to win tomorrow and then a win at Alabama would be great. A top 25 team.

No, it’s a shooting problem. We had some easy shots we missed during the 6 minute stretch. The 3’s were open and uncontested. The coach can’t shoot for them.

That Bama game is at Neutral site in Brooklyn NY and they are #25. They will play UTA tomorrow night which will tell us how good they are (both Bama & UTA).

And it will show us how good we are since the only reason we lost was because of very poor shooting, especially from 3s

I can see that our friend grasshopper has his mind made up. Fine, if he believes it’s all shooting, so be it.

I really wish I could agree but from what I have seen of this team, I can’t do that. Shooting was a problem, and honestly, I believe living on the three point line is a formula for failure and using that as your bread and butter will not work. If we can’t find some people that can penetrate, dish and/or hit 10’-15’ shots, this team will struggle big time. And that will be even more apparent if we stink up the defense like Saturday, when we were laying bricks from 23’ while they were hitting layup after dunk, after layup after dunk . . . The entire team, including Childs and the rest of the bigs, looked like they had never played defense together before and as we know, it got so bad that even showboating and basically clowning around, they were still getting to the room with ease.

We’ll see. The pre conference games will give us some idea. If I had to predict right now, I believe UVU will down us at their place this year (2 in a row). BYU doesn’t play any top tier teams but enough middle of the road guys to get a good feel for who we will be this year. The Utah game we may as well put in the loss column now because they are just flat out better than we are.

and yet referring to the same game

so you agreed with 1,2, and 3. and yet the "only reason for the loss was poor shooting? not the poor defense you agreed with, the poor coaching decision that had Dastrup sitting on the fence? or the poor recruiting that means the poor athleticism of the current team?

Admittedly athleticism and who is playing over the course of the season are not specific to this game. But the poor defense you implied you agreed with certainly does.

So now it was the poor shooting and poor defense…which though broad are at steps in the right direction of recognizing where this team is… and isn’t right now.

With those 3, the game came down to just one thing that we could control, shooting. UTA did it to us in the NIT. The made their shots and won a game we should have won.
I really didn’t see us play bad defense. They had 2 or 3 players that will play in the NBA and not like Jimmer did. Even with that, raise the 3 point shooting and some 2 point shots to 40% and we have the chance to win.