Two Very Good Juco DB Commits

Eric Takenaka, Juco All American:

Faster than any safety we had last year and you can see his explosiveness when he comes up in run coverage. Listed 5’10"/205 and looks every bit of a very muscular 205. Note that on his INTs, his teammates turn and hustle to block like they expect him to take it to the house every time! PS 44 yards per kickoff return is also not too shabby.

Khari Vanderbilt, 2 time California Juco 1st Team All League:

At 6’3"/185 has great length and speed and also looks like a sure tackler.

These two guys can go a LONG way towards improving what was just a terrible season of DB play.

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That would be good. We often have short guys that get beat all the time and absolutely never understand that when the ball is in the air it is YOURS. Deon Sander’s understood that. Every DB should understand that. Not every DB is Deon but our DBs often seem like they are in way over there heads against power houses like Utah State.

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Hopefully, they won’t get injured before the season starts…

What a negative comment. Come on Mr. liberal negative. These are two that will help a lot next year…

thanks for sharing Larimer, Takenaka is the real deal. He has been offered by USU and Levett seems to think they have a chance. WE all know Levett left because, as Poppinga says, “He’s a prima Donna”, and did not like getting benched midway through the season.

Hope they both stay committed. BYU needs them.

Is that a fact about Leavitt Chris or is that Poppinga “thoughts”?

There was an article in the Desnews about Leavitt transfer, he goes into detail why he changed. Even when he left he had nothing but positive things to say about Bronco and his position coach (who was that???). He loved BYU football team mates and such, but never felt comfortable at BYU itself (please no comments on he can’t live the HC). Sometimes people just don’t feel they fit in… so they go somewhere else.

I have talked to couple of kids in my ward, who have mentioned the same thing while attending BYU. So it is nothing new…

Too bad poppinga does not have the same class as Bronco…

By the way, Bronco helped him get in contact with Wells at USU…

Takenaka solid and in school. Khari still verbal but could waver with Cal putting on the late full-court press. BYU has worked very hard for Khari and I hope we don’t lose him. But I’m calling Takenaka right now as an impact player and fan favorite. Super muscular, fast-twitch quickness, and speed to burn–he’s like a super-sized version of Brian Logan or my all time fav BYU DB Rodney Rice. If he’s anywhere close to as good as either, we’ll love him!

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Floyd, it’s usually about the HC when they say they don’t fit in. They simply don’t want to embrace the Gospel the way students tend to do at BYU. They just aren’t ready for a true and full conversion. That, or they are gay…

no, he mention BYU as a school, not the HC or his assistants. he had nothing but praise for the coaches and team mates.

what is your problem, Floyd? geez…

I would think that if a coach who knows the kid well says he could not get over getting benched and that the kid was a HIGH maintenance person who thought he was better then what the coaches evaluated…that that would be a good enough answer for you. Levett was told that he would be “THE MAN” by that coaches going into 2015 but he had his mind made up to transfer.

If you are going to question information shared here from about as reliable source as you can get outside of Levett’s mouth, so what is your problem?

Do you know Poppinga, Floyd? Why would you say such a thing about a guy you don’t know?

IT’s OK to question where info or ideas come from but to say the man has no class reflects a poor choice of words.

You sure like to label people don’t you?

And yes, I agree that they’ll help a lot if they can stay health. Every year, it seems, that I hear about some good/great DB’s coming in that end up getting injured before the season starts. It would be nice to not see that happen this time.

I asked a simple question if you knew for a FACT what Poopinga said was true.

so now I have a problem? what a crock of crap…

I based my comment on the words that Leavitt himself said(desnews article). he mentioned very positive things about the program, but felt he did not fit in at BYU as a school.

so maybe the transfer has NOTHING to do with football and knowing he was “going to be a man” but rather how he felt about being at BYU ITSELF.

question for you Chris, have you EVER. heard Bronco ever say anything negative about his players leaving and going somewhere else?

why would Poppinga say something that negative about a former player? to me that does not show class of a coach.