Two wrongs don't make a right

Well, I wish that was the case. But, there are 20% who are leftis and 10% who are white supremacists. And, a large number of Democrats are voting for the leftist in Congress and for the President. White women who are Millenials fornthe past 20 years have been brainwashed in universities to hate America and including black police officers. We are seeing this rioting and destruction because is withdrawing from the U.S. because of the current wickedness.

Honestly I am shocked at the number of people who are jumping on the “tear down America and its’ founding fathers and leaders” bandwagon because they believe the rhetoric and rewriting of history by those who want to destroy this country and all it has done for millions of people of ALL racial, ethnic, religious and every other group of people… ie. humanity. Yes, there are some bad marks regarding some of the things that have taken place but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Anyone who thinks or believes better days are ahead because of what is going on today is delusional. If the country and the people who live here continue on the path that is being directed and laid down currently we will rot from the core and put ourselves in a much worse place than we have ever been in. If the change that most people seem to think they want takes place and the outcome is positive then it will have all been worth it. When I hear university professors, the media and politicians denigrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln of all people, I am concerned that it is more about destroying the country than effecting any positive change moving forward.

The change in the universities as been progressing this way for 40 years since the 70’s radicals went underground back to school and became the professors, university presidents and politicians. They have pushed into the millennial’s heads their ideology. The last 20 years hard on women. What is sad is those so-called leaders of businesses and government are not strong enough and prepared enough to withstand the “white shaming” and blacks who are being called Uncle Toms. I don’t know if there are enough of us who get it will vote the radical Democrats out in federal, state and local elections. It seems the Democrats are all in lock step with these radical protests and riots. And, the only opposition party is the Republican Party. Yet, except for Trump, I’m not seeing many stepping up against this movement.

I hear rumblings of Brigham Young is next…….oh what a world, what a world.

Exactly Fish… what a world we are living in.

Gandhi, Mother Teresa and of course Jesus Christ (who has been blasphemized for 2 millenia) are next.

The real Frederick Douglass is my great uncle. He would not approve of people pulling down statues of Abraham Lincoln. They were friends–a friendship forged between a runaway slave and the most powerful man in the country, but sealed by their shared goal of emancipation and that every man should be viewed as equals under God. I know this is a sports thread, and I apologize for this, but hey, the guy is my uncle and I’m dam#ed proud of that. Douglass was the president’s guest at the second inauguration; at the reception following, Douglass was detained at the door because he was black. Here is what he wrote to describe the incident:

Douglass refused to leave. “I shall not go out of this building till I see President Lincoln,” he told them.
Just then a man who was passing recognized Douglass, who asked him to relay a message to Lincoln that he was being detained at the door. Not long after that, Douglass was escorted into the East Room.
“Amid a scene of elegance such as in this country I had never before witnessed,” Douglass wrote. “Like a mountain pine high above all others, Mr. Lincoln stood, in his grand simplicity, and homelike beauty. Recognizing me, even before I reached him, he exclaimed, so that all around could hear him, ‘Here comes my friend Douglass.’”
Lincoln took his hand and said, according to Douglass, “I am glad to see you. I saw you in the crowd today, listening to my inaugural address. How did you like it?” “I said, ‘Mr. Lincoln, I must not detain you with my poor opinion, when there are thousands waiting to shake hands with you.’ ”
“No, no,” he said, “you must stop a little, Douglass; there is no man in the country whose opinion I value more than yours. I want to know what you think of it?”
Douglass replied, “Mr. Lincoln, that was a sacred effort.”

A white President in 1865 exclaiming in front of a bunch of rich and powerful white people, intentionally loud enough for them to hear, “Here comes my friend Douglass,” then saying, again so they could hear, “there is no man in this country whose opinion I value more than yours.” Imagine the scene. The greatest black voice for the abolition of slavery revered Lincoln’s courage and character. No, I don’t think Douglass would approve of people tearing down those statutes or painting nasty epithets on them.

For a wonderful–but long–read, here is the eulogy Douglass gave to a mostly black crowd in Rochester following Lincoln’s assassination:

Again, sorry for going way off topic here, but we cannot ignore the impact that current events have on sports, and should not forget the great people of all races who have bravely fought for equality under God. Lincoln and Douglass are a great example of two very different people who found common ground and mutual respect without destroying or denigrating each other, and I encourage more of that type of dialog and mutual respect that is both earned and deserved.

Wouldn’t he have to be at least your great-great uncle? Even great-great-great uncle? Cool story!

Helen Pitts, sister of my great grandfather, whose house was the last stop on the Underground Railroad. We were able to tour it a few years ago.

Longevity is in your family history

I think your post fits in fine.

Tom, Thank you for sharing. I too had a great moment this week. I was able for the 1st time travel down to Joseph Utah to see where my great-great Grandfather lived, His son, Thomas Ferney Morrey, was rediculed for friending a Paiute youth, Huncup, who later became the Paiute Chief in the Richfield area. Always a friend to the Indians, they spared his ranch during the Walkara and Black Hawk wars. Thomas F Morrey became a cattle man and had a ranch up 3 Creeks area between Richfield and Kanosh as well as in Joseph and Kanosh. I visited that ranch on Thursday and took pictures of the many hand written notes he and progeny left on the logs inside the old cabin.

I will never forget the spirit I felt as I looked out from the cabin, next to a sweet gurgling spring, over the vast meadow filled with cattle, where my grandmother, Alice Morrey Bailey played and wrote poems as a child. They made him the bishop and he probably worked himself to death at the young age of 54 and was buried next to Chief Kanosh.

I had cousins in Kanosh and we used to visit when I was a kid 40+ years ago. It was always an adventure. I have a great great grandpa who is buried in Orangeville. He crossed the plains from Nauvoo as a 10 year old and built the first mud brick house in Spanish Fork.

I love stories like this, thanks for sharing Chris.

I wonder how many realize that BLM website state that it wants to get rid of the Nuclear Family and it founders were both trained Marxists (which uses methods like pulling down statutes) . These are the some of the methods used by Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, and Mao.

Not many. Including members of the Church.

As I said before about 10 months before a presidential election you can count on a motivating minority event. If Trump should get reelected the event will continue on for another four years if he should lose it would all go away overnight

BlM website, has everything but the kitchen sink, very little to do with BLM. More like every idea and every gender combo matters.

Totally agree. This is the epitome of corruption. I honestly believe our country has turned the corner completely now and there is no turning back. Our leaders are no different than the wicked political leaders we read about in the Book of Mormon that led the people to destruction.

Why do people throw away their liberty and freedom?

I would venture to guess that many are already enslaved in some sort of sinful behavior(s). They don’t repent, they have no interest in changing that behavior and so they are okay with throwing away their liberty and freedom because they have already lost it in most cases.

Just a thought.

Notice how even worse sins than abortion (if that is even possible), adultery, etc. are starting to emerge as common… things like pedophilia, extreme drug abuse, murder with no remorse, etc.

This happens when people no longer believe in God. The law is whatever society decides which ends up being carnal in nature because they believe their ideology and actions are natural. They have no one to answer to. Alienable Rights no longer exist.