Tye Detmer Fired?

Tye Detmer, a member in good standing, with 14 years experience in the NFL, and a former Heisman Trophy Winner, Set many, many, many NCAA records while at BYU. He is a QB, son of a outstanding HS life time coach. This Quarter back is the brother of the great NFL QB, Coy Detmer. He has many many nephews and other relatives coming up as Quarter backs

He was great and all was okay coming into the program 2 years ago with Zero experience coaching college. Now with two years experience, we fire him. We think that we could be better with coaches that come from division 2 FCS schools with very little, if any personal accomplishments in College or NFL as a player.

Who was it that recently said, if you need advice, seek an expert advice for your needs. GA’s are not A’s in general.

BYU Football needs some outside expert advice now. Don’t let Detmer leave coaching at BYU.
For now, QB coach is okay until we get things figured out. Go Cougars.

One parting thought, The name Andy Reid came up among others. He has the only positive name recognition that might have a chance to attract more 4-5 star players which we desperately need. He has the only positive name recognize to help us get into a power 5 conference. What ever it takes, money wise, we can not afford to not pay what ever it takes to get him.


was Bart Star a great QB in the NFL?

but he was a horrible coach.

look at Magic Johnson, one of the best in the NBA… horrible coach…

now look at the other side…
Phil Jackson was a mediocre player but became a great coach.

the point is just because some is a great player, does not make him a good coach.

Ty should have been hired as a QB coach and eventually moved to OC.

putting inexperience people in key coaching positions is a bad move for BYU.

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Gerry Faust best H.S. coach and became HC at ND. It was a nightmare at South Bend between 1981-1985.

And who is the man who hired, or allowed the hire, of the inexperienced Detmer as OC and the other inexperienced position coaches for the offense? Oh yeah, it was Sitake. Why isn’t he fired too. If I was an offensive coach with great credentials I would never seek or accept a hire at BYU after Ty is fired after only a lousy 2 years. Who knew that Detmer was an inexperienced college coach? Hmmmm, seems it was Sitake and Holmoe.

We don’t usually agree but they better keep TY on since if you are correct they may have to re-hire TY as OC. Who would after only 2 years?

After the losing streak with KC, Reid might be looking for a new job. Would he really take the OC? Really?

Ty Detmer was hired BEFORE Kalani… He was hired by Tom Holmoe, So how can Kalani be held responsible. If you do not believe me, look at Harmon’s article about the dismissing of Detmer…

The other inexperienced coaches was hired by Kalani… and I hold him accountable for that…

I understand why he did it (bring the family atmosphere to the Football program), but it was a Hugh Mistake… I think that is part of the reason that Detmer failed…

Lastly, Every D-1 one coach knows they can be fired after one or two seasons, it is a fact of life for those people… That is the fact of life for coaches.

I will be honest, I am not enamored with Holmoe, I don’t think he has done a good job in selecting coaches. I wish we had someone like Glen Tuckett running the ship. Maybe then, things would at least seem to be moving in the right direction with Football and Basketball…

Just my observations, nothing factual.

Detmer is still working for the football team. He has only been fired from the OC job…just saying

Love him as a recruiter, love him as a QB coach and reading defenses. Now get a tried and true OC, maybe that Montana coach

I doubt the accuracy of your statement that Ty was hired before Kalani. Kalani was hired and several days later Ty was announced. The AD doesn’t hire without the head coach wanting the OC and DC. The head coach picks and summits the name to the AD. Has a Stake President every picked a 1st or 2nd councilor before a bishop was called? No. And, regardless of where you got your information, especially at a Mormon school, the OC and DC would not be picked by the AD.


You and I amost never agree, but this time, I think that you said something that is very valid and extremely important.

If the available OC coaches out there, that might other wise want the job at BYU, after seeing BYU fire the one and only
Heisman Trophy Winner from BYU and the one and only coach that has 14 years of experience in the NFL, and the coach that has the blood line of football tradition starting with his father’s life time high school coaching, nephews coming up in the ranks, and has a famous brother in the NFL Coy Detmer, and all the credentials you can imagine, and being the sweetheart of BYU, than who, in there right mind, would want to follow that act?

Second thought:

If we were able and willing to hire the man with absoluteley no College coaching experience for the job of OC, than why are we not willing to see if he has worked out the solution and re=hire the man now that he has two years experience.

Sometimes I feel like we are at sea with a Sabbot with no rudder.

Floyd, I do understand your point.

Having taught school for 34 years, less sabatical time, I have heard the scarcasm
“If you can’t do it, you can always teach it”

I agree. There are things that I have had great dificulty at doing, (SMALL MOTOR CONTROL THINGS), that I have been pretty good teaching others to do.

It reminds me that we can teach routes; teach systems; teach how to hold, throw, catch, run with the ball. We can not teach greatnesss. (0,1,2,3 star players vs 4-5 star players) (trying to make sweet orange juice out of lemons) etc.

Even accepting your point, (which I do), it seems that a talented recruit, might be more willing to learn from a gifted athlete turn coach, than a mediocore coach without a great past history playing the game himself.

I see the list of possible replacement coaches and most come from FCS schools. It just not seem right to me that instead of giving the great Detmer some on the job training, but instead replace him for a FCS coach seems a bit folly to me.

The bottom line is people are going to lose jobs and TY lost his with more too come. The offense was horrible-one of the worst in the country. The defense was soft, but nothing like the offense. Yeh Sitake should have lost his job . You can make all the excuses you want, but for the most part everything was horrible. Retaining Sitske, though, allows some type of stability going forward to next year. Keep Detmer on as qb coach and let him grow into the oc job. Everyone else needs to go, except, the inexperienced Mahe, as I thought the running game got better as the year progressed. The defense is a little bit more of an enigma. You have to give them an out for how horrible the offense was. Above all, BYU fans need to quit whining and making excuses. BYU was not good from game one. Before all the injuries and suspensions they were a shipwreck. Anyone who knows anything about football had a nervous gut from day one. Mangum looked bad from the start, not just after he was injured. The OL did not meet expectations. They were boys amongst men against LSU, Wisconsin and Mississippi State. It’s time to take off the blue lenses and see things for what they are, both in football and basketball. They are doing the right things. I just wish they could land an innovative oc or Grimes out of LSU-FAT chance- no-Reid isn’t leaving KC. They will still win their division. Like Reid would come to BYU as an oc anyway-get real.

Agree on that!!

People say keep Ty on as QB coach. That’s up to the new OC and Ty himself. It’s not up to Sitaki or Holmoe.
Blaine Fowler said a couple of important things. Detmer is a potential top recruiter. The Heisman winner gets instant credibility. How many of those he has recruited has played so far because of missions? None…What will happen to those recruits? The QBs he’s got coming to BYU? Not good.

The other thing is the pro style offense is the only one that will work at BYU. We don’t have the speed in WR to run the spread. He’s right. 4 TE were injured early in the year. The one TE that was supposed to be featured didn’t play a game.

Then, he points out we finish with the 5th QB and the 7th RB do to injuries. With 4 missing injured TE, what did any of you want? You people ran Norm Chow out and he goes on to be practically the best OC in the nation. He was great at BYU too. By the way, his name popped up as a possible OC. How about Chow as head OC and Ty as co-assistant OC. Chow can be up in the booth like he was with USC and Ty can be on the field learning from the best.

BYU fans run coaches out way too fast in football. Reminds me of the poor coaches that had to follow John Wooden at UCLA. All the “Christlike” fans with patience need to re-evaluate their principles. Knee jerk reactions are not helpful. Whoever is stupid enough to join a sinking ship should consider the dual OC.

We’ve never had a dominant offensive line. Even in our hayday we were running trickeration to get yards. We can’t run man to man and expect to win. Pro style requires more freaks than spread systems do and they are hard to get. Look at the programs who have or like to run Pro style. Alabama, Florida St, wisconsin, stanford, etc. Or even teams that run spread power like USC, Ohio state, and lately alabama.

Those are top line programs who can get whatever kind of recruits they need. The demand for pro style lineman is exceptionally high. Large powerful bodies like that are rare. You can’t teach someone to be a hulk.

And no matter what type of pro/power/smashmouth offense you run, you must have hulks who can smash people off the line while also being able to pass block and move their feet while maintaining control. And you better have a lot of them.

On the other hand, there are also a wide variety of spread philosophies and not all of them require exceptionally fast WRs. Washington state’s offense is bad one for us for example because a lot of their plan focuses on short passes to play makers in space underneath and we lack that. Or TCU which seeks to burn people down the field. But there are many intermediate options. You need to threaten the whole field but you don’t have to be a speed demon to do it. Excellent route running can be learned. and frankly we can recruit speed a lot easier than size because it’s more common.

On top of that, those are complicated systems to learn and it takes a while to master them especially when you have throw in a lot of quirks to compete. Tanner/taysom were always missing reads. I’m guessing that was system related.

BYU is an underdog. In college footbal that means we can’t recruit, specifically we struggle to recruit depth over all and high level talent at specific positonst that are high demand low supply: Pro style lineman, Corners, and Top speed receivers. So the system must adapt to those recruiting deficiencies and find a way to win in spite of them.

It has been posted in the news many times Scott… I did not make it up… Try to equate the calling of a bishop to Selecting a HC is insane Scott. Apples and Oranges.

But that has never stopped you before.

I agree it is a bit weird that the AD would hire the OC before the HC…

But to be honest with you, I think Kalani would have selected Detmer anyways… Knowing his background and pedigree.

Look who hired to staff the offense coaching positions… some of them has NO Experience in coaching either on a D1 or High School Level.

I disagree, Roger French produced more NFL Offensive Lineman than the number of QB’s BYU sent to the NFL…

Do you remember the “French Foreign Legion” Staring Oates, Matich, Eyre, Reid, Tidwell?

Read Closely what Brad Sorenson says about the Pro-Style offense… Very enlightening…

The OL was good this year and will be better next year. But, for a pro style. If we switch now, we will have OL problems.
We have 4 excellent TE. That is key to a pro style for both running and good crossing patterns. We have good running backs that can make it work. We have the QBs too. The WR will be better too.

I read the article and I chased down some stats on Roger French looking at YPR and Sacks per dropback and.

The article states it’s extremely hard for the QB to master (implying excusing Detmer?). We need systems that increase our relative depth and efficiency as an underdog. If it takes forever for a QB to master it, and if there are relatively fewer QBs in the high school ranks that can run it, then we will have a problem with depth. Also, it will take up a lot of time in practice to master and manage. I’m not saying the pro-style is itself a bad system. It’s a beautiful machine. But there is no one perfect strategy, only the situation and the objective, and everything else must adapt to them. You only have 4 years part-time in college, and in reality, at BYU less than that to master a system, preferably as freshman and sophomores so you can actually use them. Some programs can pull it off, but those are top line schools like Alabama and Wisconsin.

I looked into Roger French and some of his stats. I contest that sending more O linemen to the draft than QBs is the same as being a dominant O line as a unit first off. Secondly, unless you can point me to a specific example, I’m not seeing any statistical evidence that they were particularly dominant. From what I can see, they beat up on the WAC for the more part and struggled to control the line against teams with talent.

Again, we’re an underdog. We can’t overpower teams like Wisconsin, or looking ahead: Washington, stanford and USC. and when they have a good d line, the Utes. So instead of overpowering them, we need to ask our lineman to do less and spread the defense out to better isolate specific weaknesses we can exploit. We might part ways on this point, but in my mind, I want my system designed to give me the best chance to beat the best teams on my schedule. Over time in the pro-style we could develop into a team that mauls the likes of Hawaii, Utah state, Fresno, and san diego state. That’s great, but I’m not interested. Do what it takes to increase win % over top teams.

The offensive line this year performed ok. But they have a lot of experienced players. And again, they struggled against better teams.

Here are the averages and sacks against good teams this year:
LSU: -.4 Yards per carry 3 Sacks
Utah: 2.6 / 3
Wisc: 3.1 / 2
Miss st: 1.7 / 1
Boise: 2.9 / 1

UMASS: 1.6/ 7

And remember this is at a slow pace of play where theoretically the line should do better and this doesn’t account for sacks per dropback attempt which is probably relatively high.

Now I’m not saying we do GFGH. I think a slow pace with larger lineman suits us. But it would suit us better in a spread tailored to fit our recruiting: namely Large TE and WRs and a few speedy slot backs. No need to turn away recruits on the O line. Those guys can do what that would require of them.