Tye Detmer, QB coach and OC

Some people has said in the past,
“We can never get Tye Detmer to come to BYU in Any capacity”
“Tye Detmer will never leave his ranch where he can hunt and fish on his own property daily”

Our last coach, almost by demand, was forced to invite Tye Detmer to come to BYU as a coach and Tye Detmer refused.

Now, I think that I have heard all the reasons for a change of heart, when Sataki asked Tye Detmer to come to BYU and not only be the QB coach but to also be the OC and basically run the entire Offense for BYU Football. That which could never happen in the opinion of virtually everyone, did indeed happen. Tye Detmer is with us and we are blessed because of it.

Many fans and sports writers alike too often question the lack of experience as a coach on the BYU level. They point out all the adjustments that both the team and the new coach has to make.
They point out the past failures of great players when it comes to coaching. Dolman is a name often used in this example.

These fans and writers refuse to give credit for all the coaching he was asked to do, as an NFL player, to help other great QB’s that had a bigger and stronger body, but lacked the knowledge that Tye Detemer was able to teach to them.

These fans and sports writers refuse to give credit to Tye Detmer for the rapid speed in which he was able to turn around a losing private, religious football school team, into a power house.

These fans and writers do not give Tye Detmer credit for having been born into a football home with football genes that not only game himself a Heisman Trophy, but a brother, Coy Detmer that was a big Star in the NFL and a father that has taught football each day of Tye Detmer’s life.

These fans and sports writer, refuse to acknowledge, that the more enlightened fans and most enlighten sports writers and the most enlightened fellow NFL athletes give Tye Detmer credit for having one of the most brilliant football minds in all football.

While others worry about how well Tye Detmer will do in his first year, I will be amazed if he is not honored as the Offensive Coordinator of the year for all College football by the end of his first year.

If you’re talking about ‘Ty’ Detmer, it has been reported by himself that his wife and kids had a big hand in him accepting the position.

Read my second paragraph again, I agree with that which you have heard/said.

Many of had heard the stories that Ty would not come to BYU because he was happy where he was. If I am not mistaken, much of that was attributed to Ty saying it but I can’t quote it. Right or wrong we believed it to be a truth we did not want to hear but accepted it because we have much respect for Ty.

Many years later circumstances are different at BYU and different for Ty at home. The calculus now works. I don’t know exactly why but I am happy as heck about it. I tell folks I got Ty Detmer for Christmas!

Inevitably the coaches and players will have some learning and adjusting to do. I hope I can be patient as they learn to work together and develop winning ways. What makes me hopeful is not only the coaching and player talent but what I see as humility, willingness to learn, and desire/ability to adapt talent and playbook to the situation.


Thank you for your reply. I feel the same way about Ty Detmer as you state. Indeed, he was my very best Christmas Present also, and birthday present tied into one, and hopefully that present will last longer than any other presents received,

I am not at all worried about periods of adjustment. We will start off with a bang that will be able to be heard through out the Nation. We now have a coaching staff that can get us to the next level (P5).

Like the Hail Mary’s that stunned the Nation, both at Nebraska and Boise State, our offense will stun the Nation not just during the first two or three games, but through out the season.

We now have a coaching staff that finds BYU football extremely important in the theme of things and this is something that has been lacking for the past 11 years.