UCF in game comments

Well, we take it in for 3 again. Nice long field goal. Too bad he couldn’t have kicked the shorter ones last week.

Jake Oldroyd his 2nd over 50 yarder. How many years last kicker hit that long. Was Jake sick last week?

Nice fumble pickup for Kaufusi.

Hall looks scared and confused. He needs to step it up. The line needs to be better.

Hall being chased alot, what is the problem?

Hall doesn’t look so good. Seems scared. He wasn’t last week.

Maybe that will get him going.

I like the up tempo. But, Hall has to do some running as well.

We should go fast go hard all the time. We would get a lot more field goals :-/~

We should be up 24-0. What was Tanner doing on defense? Stay with your man.

The Y last drive of the half, looking for FG all the way, they seem to love the FG. The O line sucks. Then, late, the SF running game takes off.

SERIOUS EMBARRASSMENT: Bowling Green, yes BOWLING GREEN, creamed Toledo. Let’s see if the cougars choke up and lose the second half and the game. I almost walked away from watching / listening to the game. So disgusted to the continuing mediocrity.

Well, they are starting the 3rd quarter like last week. Can’t stop the run again.

Going to lose this game too.

Ugly! More uglier when we lose to Boise State next week. Might as well not watch the game. I took a brake before that last score that USF went up 4 points lead, what happened to QB Hall?

Should I look forward to BYU basketball w/o Childs (9 games), Baxter: out, Selijaas: foot, he will be ready season start, TJ: knee scope and who else? Or should I look forward to next football season? Oh well, I might as well listen to the game next week - SIGH!

Another failure by DC to adjust on the fly-S Florida qb was terrible throwing the ball and yet like Toledo, Utah, Washington couldn’t stop the 2nd half run game. Gutsy effort by Hall and Romney. Again some of the play calls were strange, but BYU self-destructed again. Sad-but now BYU is really behind the 8 ball. I hope Hall wasn’t concussed

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Hall probably concussion. No blocking all game long. And we have lost 3 offensive lineman.
Romney looked good. But even the plays at the end were bad. Grimes just can’t use the tightends correctly. Bushman across the middle.
Oh, that missed field goal cost us the second game in a row on field goals. We could have kicked a field goal at the end.

I believe a possible concussion

Lots of injuries to the offense today.

Ya, 6 games and we still can’t consistently score touchdowns in the redzone. Heck, inside the 5 yardline! All the injuries next week could be really ugly.

Yeh doesn’t help

Boise State and Utah State will massacre us not just beat us. And the last 2 games we lose. One more less than mediocre season - will be 8 years. My bet is Sitake is fired. It is South Florida folks but let the excuses fly by the excuse makers. Let the program go to G5 and maybe be a middle of the road team. Disgusted.

Yes it is a concussion with Hall. The missed field goal isn’t the issue. Even if he made it he would have had to make another one for the win. That is 5 made field goals in a game we would have scored 29 total points in. That still paints a picture of a offense who can’t score TD’s in the red zone. It is bad play calling pure and simple. We out-gained USF by approx 150 yards in total offense. We won the turnover battle. Miracle of all miracles we won the penalty battle by a long margin. We simply can’t call plays correctly in the red zone.

Second issue is we have to fire the DC. He is just out of his league. I am not going to say he is football dumb but he just looks that way. You have 2 RB’s who average Over 6 yards a play. That is unbelievable. The USF team rushing average for a game is 150 yards. These 2 backs ran for nearly 250 yards today. We had 3 down lineman and 4 backers in the second half and got stomped on! We have to take away the run. The USF QB isn’t a good passer. We should have made him pass. We just have a really bad DC and Sitake may get fired because of him.

Sitake needs to take over the defense immediately.