UCLA making many look silly, uggggg!

My brother’s side of the family are all big UCLA alumni and rooters. I’ll never live this down saying UCLA should not have made it to the NCAA. While I still believe they shouldn’t have gotten in, they are winning and into the Sweet 16.

They caught a big break in their first game to win and then they played a pretty weak UAB team in the second round.

They are fortunate and sometimes it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time and not having to play that well to advance.

I like UCLA but I agree that they didn’t belong in the tournament.

Have to take advantage of gifts. BYU didn’t or we may have been able to be in the 16 too.

I believe through the game so far the PaC12 is undefrated. Maybe UCLA is better than people thought? Only conference without a loss 4 days into the tournament.

No, they’re not better than some people think. They lost to Kentucky by 41 on a neutral court and they lost to Utah by 31. They have a LOT of bad losses. Good teams don’t get throttled like that.

They have been fortunate so far in the tourney to squeak by SMU on a weird play and then played a pretty weak UAB team. If they make it any farther I will be surprised.

No question they had some head scratchers during the season, but the PAC12 has a history of performing very well come tournament time, and they are doing it again.

Heh-check out the PAC12 and ACC records in the tourney so far-wouldn’t have bet on that one

I would, PAC12 seems to always have a strong tournament showing. Very underrated conference each year, part of the east coast bias media.

So are you saying there is bias in college sports?

No way…

The media by nature is bias

I don’t see Gonzaga having any trouble with UCLA. They have beaten them once already this year on the road. On a neutral court I think Gonzago wins by 10+. After what they did to Iowa they should handle UCLA. UCLA has been lucky. They got the benefit of a questionable call (after all they are UCLA) and then caught a lucky break when UAB got lucky and beat Iowa St.

I think Gonzaga’s run ends after the UCLA game because then they get Duke who will handle Utah easily. Duke and Arizona look like the only teams who might have a prayer against Kentucky.

Every year at least one Cinderella, a team that comes out of nowhere, makes the Sweet 16. This year’s Cinderella is UCLA, but it’s hard for anyone–fans or media–to see that UCLA is a Cinderella because it’s from a major conference.

One thing is clear, the PAC12 is a strong conference.

Funny, that wasn’t what I was hearing on the radio prior to the tournament. All I heard was that the PAC12 wasn’t very strong.

You need to change your station

KNBR is the premier channel in the Bay Area.

Look at it this way…(AP rankings)
ACC: 5 top 25 (3 top 10)
B12: 5 top 25 (1 top 10)
BE: 3 top 25 (1 top 10)
B10: 3 top 25 (1 top 10)
MissVall: 2 top 25
SEC: 2 top 25 (1 top 10)
Pac12: 2 top 25 (1 top 10)
AAC: 1 top 25
A10: 1 top 25
WCC: 1 top 25 (1 top 10)

If you saw this list prior to the tournament, how would you rate the PAC12’s chances going in?

Even Sagarin had the Pac12 ranked sixth out of all conferences…

UCLA I didn’t have going this far in my bracket, but I did have them wining their first game. The other PAC12 teams I nailed in the sweet 16 and have AZ as a final 4 team. Living in PAC land, they have a history of very solid tournament play. Sometimes thinking for ourselves is better than listening to “authority figures”.


too bad for Utah that Kryzewski wasn’t their coach or they might have won. Not because he is such a good coach but because it is all about Duke, the history, the notoriety and there is no way the officials are going to allow them to lose a game.

Utah didn’t play very well, but when they did, in spurts, the officials were always there looking out for Duke’s back and making sure that the Utes didn’t get too close… with timely foul calls and other strange whistles.

It sucks watching the same old teams get there year after year but they’ll do what they have to do to make sure the money making teams advance.

ACC & WCC pretty much look alike now. Example, Duke is the Darling in the ACC and NC just like SMC and now ND came in just like BYU.
Yeah, the game was boring last night and we will see who comes on top tomorrow GU vs Duke of those two darlings.

Blah, Blah blah, Blah blah…Oh when will the conspiracy ever end! Don’t buy it! Utah blew it right before half-time.