Ugh. It’s going to be a long season, boys

What more can I say?

This is the worst team I’ve seen for a long time. No ball movement. A bunch of ball hogging dribbling. Missed shots. Lazy defense. Started off great defense then started to get lazy. No one can shoot even if open.

It’s going to be a longer year than I anticipated. Hopefully we’ll escape with a win.

Hall is a bright spot. There’s not a lot to be pleased with tonight. The team just doesn’t look ready for a season.

Johnson with a clutch shot.

New offense but very few open shots with it. Williams was terrible. So were others as well. Lazy defense in the second half. And, IDS was hot from outside.

Reading from Everybody comments sounds like going to be a long season.
Listening to the game, I really like Dallen Hall.
Anyway lucky ugly ugly win

May see Williams and Hall both starting. Johnson solidified his starting 3 position.

I think Fish laid out why the team is so “ugly” right now in another post, I think Pope is still trying to A) figure out who is 6 to 10 players are. and b) still working on his “new” offensive scheme because of his lack of depth.

The BYUTV crew (mostly Haws) was talking about Pope had to change up his schemes this year. This is not a normal Pope system.

relax everybody. Rudi Williams, our floor general had a bad 1st game. Does not mean a thing.

Our core of BYU vets did what I thought they would. Foos, a double double machine, Johnson has brought his game up another notch, George is curious George, one game he dominates, the next he disappears just get used to it. Atiki ugh, lots of work needed. Stewart, ADD.

The newbies:
Rudi Williams- had a rough game, will be clutch as he gets to know the team. not to worry.
Robinson-smooth on offense, seriously needs to up his rebounding and defense.
Waterman- will be a starter or super 6th man. Moxey, Savey. Will demand more floor time. very smart player.
Saunders- like him a lot. gym rat that can shoot
But the jewel of this group is Hall.

Not really worried, I think it will take time for players to know when and where other players like to get the ball.

Also, if you look at my post, it said the Haws kid said that Pope had to revamp his system because of the lack of height on the team. That takes time and a lot of patience (for both fans and Pope) to develop.

I would add one thing that I am not sure you mentioned in any of your posts, but I saw several times the “Active hands” on defense which led to TO’s. Especially Johnson, he got some good steals in the first half (like I said, I had to play with my 4-year-old grandson, so I did not get to watch the second half).

Agreed on all. My biggest takeaway on Rudi and Robinson–and frankly most of the guys-- is that they tried toooooo hard to be “team players” and we wound up with 20 second possessions when Pope said he wants 6-10 second possessions. Too much of last night looked like our offense last year–stagnant until the last 5-10 seconds of the shot clock. Pope will convince these guys to run and gun.

Yea, I was thinking the same thing, I believe that it will come in time (maybe a bit painful to watch) as players learn to create chemistry between them.

I did like the increased “active hands” done by these guys.