UMASS, what we learned

Well, we didn’t learn a thing about Wilson since UMass is pathetic or that he still has a lazar arm. He’s our starter for the SDSU game and I’m fine with that. We have both Hall and Romney ready and I’m very fine with that.
And now for the Nitty Gritty:

1-McChesney set a fr. rushing record, reminds me of another McC-MAN……McCaffrey. Future star
Lone Peak Ut. product also recruited by Alabama, Auburn, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Utah and Washington. Very lucky he chose BYU

2-Allgerier, a walk on!!!

What attracted Allgeier to BYU?

“It was my best offer. I like the atmosphere and I like the city,” Allgeier said. “It’s getting out of my hometown and trying to do my own thing, especially as a walk-on. It’s motivation for me to get a scholarship. I didn’t know much about BYU before I came here. School’s hard. It’s doable if you put in the time and effort, especially if you’re doing the thing you love, which is football. That’s the purpose.” Hahahahah, glad he came here, now give him a Scollie!

3- that safety hit was Legit!!!

We also learned that USU got destroyed by BSU 56-7

That Utah got screwed in the playoff sweepstakes when Oregon CHOKED at ASU. They won’t get it, SEC will weasel in 2 teams, I’m telling you now.

We also learned that SDSU on paper is a tough game with SDSU favored to win 14-13…To that I say, "Poppycock, put me down for a BYU win by 2 scores.

Fish, are you sure.
With the win for Utah yesterday and the loss for Oregon yesterday, it is my OPINION that Utah is in the correct seat to win the Pac 12 and in doing so, has a chance at the playoffs.

Remember, this is my opinion and I offer no facts to back up my opinion.

Never mind, I will let someone else explain it to you.

I was thinking about McCaffrey too with McChesney. With the honor code and education requirements we can get five star athletes that are members too.

No fish, I don’t want someone else to explain to me. I want you to explain to me why Utah does not have a chance to win the Pac 12 title, and with the Pac 12 championship, why they could not possible have a shot at the playoffs?

I am especially interested more in your reasoning, which nobody else could explain but you, than I am interested in who gets the Pac 12 championship and who may or may not get into the playoffs.

The SEC owns the NCAA. If the SEC wants 2 teams in and there is decent “justification” for them, they are in.

IF BYU brings their A game, mentally and physically, I agree that the Y will win by at least 2 scores against SDSU. However, the problem is that we have to wait to see if the A game materializes. Sitake has his extension, which is fine and dandy, but let’s see if he can get the team up to play their best, not just against SDSU but against ALL their opponents next year. I am not saying win against all their opponents but be consistent in playing their best against all the teams they face.

What Arkiecoug and I are saying is this…Utah could win out and still not be invited and it has all to do with Power Rankings. Alabama has a weak schedule but they were ranked #1 and had a single loss to LSU, now #1.

Utah was on track to play a #5 Oregon in the P12 championship. Oregon was a contender… Oregon lost to an up and coming ASU. (who BYU plays @ ASU next year)……Oregon drops like a rock, now Utah plays a non-contender Oregon. The game does not mean a thing now as Alabama, Georgia, Olkahoma, Minn all play contenders in their championship league games. So Utah will get leap frogged by any of these teams if they beat a OSU, LSU or Baylor (contender team).
P12 plays so late at night that nobody watches them and they are the P5 punching bag, outside of USC.
Clemson, OSU and LSU are a lock, some say even if they loose.
There are 4 spots for 5 P5 leagues. Big 12 and P12 have been the odd leagues out. Big 12 have 2 contenders, OK and Baylor. P12 has only Utah.
shall I go on?

Not too worried about this year but dang, next year?? Even the wins I thought would happen next year now look daunting. ASU beats Oregon last night, I watched it and my heart sunk. 1stly, Utah is screwed. mark it. Secondly, ASU has 4 NFL coaches and they proved it on the win…What I thought was a win is now in the lose column.
@ Utah (Utah loses a ton to the NFL so) Win/Loss, who knows
MSU @ BYU, Loss
@Asu, Loss
@ Minn, Loss
@ BSU, Loss
@ Stanford, Loss

Dang, it all depends on who graduates from those teams, then BYU has to stay healthy at key positions. And BYU has to play Missouri, Houston and SDSU, all tough but winnable, our weakest teams are USU and NIU (who both beat us last year). MURDERS ROW.

We bring back mostly everyone on both sides of the ball. Plus, we have 3 great QBs. We have McChesney and other good running backs. We can beat all of them.

The operative word is “CAN.” The real world forecast is not very likely.

We can! We will have an experienced team with super skilled players too. On both sides as well.

Here is the problem 6Utah

  1. Utah non conference games are not very good. BYU was their toughest game. Strike one

  2. Most of the PAC12 teams are pretty mediocre at best. The east coast media believe the conference is weak. Strike two

  3. NO one in the PAC12 has a legit non conference win (against a P5 upper level teams). Oregon’s was ranked #6, which would have given Utah a top 10 win to push them ahead of Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama. With oregon loss, they will drop out of the top10.

One other thing, there is a very definite bias against teams west of the Mississippi river by the selection committee. This loss doesn’t help remove that view.

RH: My opinion is that I want Utah to lose anytime and anywhere.

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I guess Ron that there is a strong chance Utah could get in the playoff but likely not.

Problem is Ok plays Baylor in their B12 championship game and Baylor is at top 10 team. Fiirst OK has to get by #21 OSU next week. Then, If they beat Baylor, they leapfrog Utah.

Bama plays 15 Auburn. they don’t play in the SEC championship because they lost to LSU, same bracket. So in theory they could sit there ahead of Utah and get chosen but Auburn is behind Oregon in the polls so Utah should leapfrog Bama with a win out.

Georgia beats LSU, they’re in but so is LSU…Utah’s screwed. More likely, Georgia loses to LSU and Utah leapfrogs them and still has a chance

OSU could lose to Mich and still be in.

Clemson won’t lose

So if everyone wins, no big upsets. LSU, OSU, Clemson in. OK and Utah
fight for the last spot. OK beats two higher ranked teams, #21 OSU and #10 Baylor.
Utah plays Colo, then #14 Oregon. Game over, OK is the 4th seed.

Heard an interesting quote by Coach Ron McBride (former Utah and Weber Coach).

He said BYU started the decline in the program when BYU decided too not recruit the local talent and try to recruit kids from other parts of the country.

He made this statement when they were talking about now, most schools will allow LDS kids to serve missions and return. He commented that Utah was an unknown in the recruiting, up until recently. Now every major conference is recruiting Utah high school kids.

Interesting thought, not sure if he is right, but interesting non the less.

Then there is the case of Bama with 1 loss. They will have played 3 ranked teams counting Auburn.
Utah will have played 2 ranked teams, #17 ASU and #13 Oregon (sorry, Washington and USC were not ranked by the time they played Utah.

I careless about rankings because of multiple reason. Utah is very good this year and does played a lot of tough games this year. Bama has played too many bad teams in their sec west div. plus 3 or 4 cupcakes games. Rankings are flawed. I have a bad feeling Bama will sneak in and both Utah and OU will not get in.

McChesney was recruited by Alabama. Tells you Utah has quality football players. Basketball has quality players too but not enough with all the skills needed. Especially playing above the rim so we don’t miss so many layups.

Yes, that is my entire rant. Basketball has a model that football should emulate…Fair.