UNLV Dave Rice gets fired

Dave Rose said that he would like to have Rice “evaluate” the team…meaning: BYU had a top 25 defense while Rice was here but we have certainly fallen on hard times and Rose would like Rice’s imput.

Hire him back too…

It would be nice to see Rice back at the MAC. However, he was the implementer of the offensive schemes not the defensive schemes when he was coaching under Rose.

You have no idea how much I’d love for us to hire him back, and I wonder how many times he’s thought maybe he should have just stayed in Provo, where he was respected by the HC and the players and the AD and the fans, and where he’d eventually replace Rose as HC. How many times to we see really good coaches go for greener pastures only to find cowpies? The ultimate is Dan Hawkins at BSU…he coached at our local college and his niece and nephew were close friends with my kids in HS, so we followed his career…at BSU he was 37-3 in his first five years in the WAC, had a 31 game winning streak and was thought to be a genius. Well, being King of Boise wasn’t good enough, and he just had to leave for Colorado and more $–he became not only a complete flop but a laughingstock in CFB for his infamous “go play intramurals” comments along with blowing a 28 point 4th quarter lead to a truly pathetic Kansas, giving Kansas its only league win. After that the only job he could get was in the CFL, where he was fired after only 5 games. Had he stayed in Boise he’d probably be a future HOF by now. The next rung on the ladder is like a drug to these guys. I have ALWAYS thought that the two smartest guys in the history of football coaching were Lance Reynolds and Roger French–they made a good living doing something they loved, in a place they loved, got to stay there for a lifetime and always resisted the temptation to throw it all away for a gypsy lifestyle.

I too have followed Hawkins career. It is sad to see but Peterson’s career has not turned out too badly.

So, if all Rice did here at BYU was call the offense, who was the defensive genius? Can it be that we have the wrong combination of players. Why has our defense been so bad over the past 3 seasons?

In my mind, it has to be the coaches.

poor play over years in any aspect of the game must be on the coaches. Lewis will make a difference I expect in the defensive culture of the team. as horrific as the defence has been in several games this year and they are not as good as the JAX Abuou jammer combo at least they seem to be headed in the right direction. Well except for steals…

which is partly why I’ve wondered why coach pope was so highly thought of? nice guy but he didn’t handle the offense the big guys didn’t appear to improve that much…people skills matter a bunch hope it works out for him at uvu better than for rice at unlv

Pope already snagged at top 100 recruit from Az that we were looking at…A monster get for UVU

I would love to see Rice back with the Cougs, too. But he’s not LDS, so HC at BYU after Rose is not an option for him.

I guess I should not make assumptions, huh? I had no idea Rice was not LDS, but that would make you right on the nose with this one.

Are you and your brother going to the game in Portland Saturday, Tom?

I’m going with friends and am not sure on the status of my big bro Steve or baby bro Craig. I’m on BYU team tickets so I don’t know where we will be sitting until we get there. But if you email me at [email protected], I will email you back with my cell phone number and would love to meet you at the game!

I’ll be at the game at Portland on Saturday. My wife and I have 4 tickets. My 12 yr old son Luke has a basketball tournament on Saturday but we don’t know the times yet. So Luke may or may not be with us at the Chiles Center rooting on the Cougs. The 14 yr old son (Christian) will be there with us.

We can do better at teaching him the Gospel? Get him baptized and to the Temple. We can pray for him so it is an option :slight_smile:

Good to hear, Craig. I’ll be there, too. Hopefully we can say hi.