Update on Tyler Haws

My daughter is currently serving in Zaragoza, Spain, which is part of the Barcelona Mission. BYU basketball great Tyler Haws lives there! He is not in my daughter’s ward as there are two there.

Something else about Zaragoza. Legend says that James the apostle served here as a missionary and he was really discouraged one day that people were rejecting the gospel so he knelt down and prayed and then the Virgin Mary appeared to him and told him to build a church there and so they built El Pilar on that very spot (the huge Catholic cathedral that is in the first picture at the end of this email). My daughter doesn’t believe the legend but says it’s a nice story.

Another interesting fact about the zone she’s serving in is that part of the zone includes Andorra, the tiny country in the mountainside between Spain and France.This is where they filmed the Princess Diaries. It is the country that the fictional country of Genovia is based on.

nice, thanks for taking the time to write.