USC looking good against Stanford

The freshman QB is 17 for 20 and 249 yards in the 1st half. We will need to get much better by next week because USC is developing quickly.

Could you please not start a new thread for every comment you make?

Why? It’s a different topic. This is what new topic is for :slight_smile:

Oh well, might as well let it continue the new thread. Wish that Soph QB didn’t get hurt. 28/33 with 377 passing (3TD, no TO) by a Frosh QB? Hmmm, our defense need to be ready and no more stupid mistakes. And play solid WHOLE GAME: no more bad certain 4 qtrs.

I think it will end up being that we have to outscore USC. We have to stay with them. I liked that we scored 2 touchdowns in the overtime from the 25 yardline. Maybe we have figured something out about scoring in the red zone.

Yeah, we got it figured out against UTenn (4th Qtr/2OT). But, more likely to start all over with different animal of more speed USC.

Speed is relative. Getting separation with our receivers is what is important. And, our lines are good on both sides of the ball. The key is to not turn the ball over.