USD beats San Fransisco in OT

BYU is playing for the 3 seed now. We have a gift. Why is it that BYU always has to depend on others?

I am not saying a thing about the game tonight. I am not predicting a win or loss. This will be a battle. But if I were playing BYU, I would body Haws and wear him down with a bigger stronger player and double Childs and make someone else beat you.

This could go either way. SD is only 7-8 in Conf, but they are a good team. I’ll take BYU 72-65. I think it’s back and forth in the first half with BYU up 3 at half. Then BYU extends the lead to 14 with 5 mins left. SD gets hot but the Cougs hold on for the win.

I agree with Fish on doubling Childs. My prediction tonight is that if Bax scores 10+ and plays 20+ minutes, we win.

The WCC has been very different this season, There have been 6 teams that could have contended for #2 in the conference and to be frank, SFU completely surprised me by tanking this past week. I also thought that SMC we be the 4th best team and yet, here they have sealed up the #2 seed. What a crazy year.

If BYU gets past SDU today, I look forward to playing SMC in the semi’s because I do think that we match up with them better then SFU.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t BYU have 3rd place sewn up now win or lose tonight? USF is 9-7 and the Cougars are 10-5. My question is if we win and SMC loses to the Bulldogs, what is the tiebreaker between BYU and SMC?

3 hours ago, SF hadn’t lost to LMU yet. But, now that LMU beat SF, yes, we have 3rd locked up. How did we lose to SF at our place???

The game tonight is still important. Gonzaga will beat SM and a win against SD will tie us for second. Although we will still be third due to the tie breaker, we need to end the season with a winning mindset going into the WCC tournament.

I’m not sure but I think it has to do that we lost to SF twice and smc split with SF. We be 2nd when BYU win tonight and SMC lost to GU. BYU lose tonight then we are 3rd and play 3 seed.

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What is your prediction if he doesn’t play at all?

Hopper saying Baxter is sick? Any idea he really is sick?

No matter what happens, BYU is the 3rd seed. Do you watch the games, listen to the play by play, BYU Sports Nation? You seem so lost.

No, I didn’t watch or listen to any games. I did look at the stats anyway. Just looking at updates on men’s college basketball of who is losing and winning. Nothing fun to watch anyway. It has been a disappointing season for BYU men’s basketball this year. You can call me a loser or quitter whatever you want brother.

Luke 0-3 shooting and 1 rebound? No dunck? Great job Luke.

Don’t worry about what the hopper says, he is turning into a liberal whiner that complains about others being cruel and unfeeling.

He wants to give Luke a trophy for all his hard work and loyalty to the team, just like democrats do for their heroes.

USD didn’t do either of those and they lost. BYU played well enough when it mattered though they did give up a 20 pt. lead and let USD, who was playing rather poorly, back into the game.

So, you are a USU fan trolling Cougarfan. Nice to know.

big USU fan last night. Big win.

BYU played the worst end of game that I have ever seen in my life.

anybody see or hear about the police involved ruckus with Nevada in the locker room area? I watched it and Nevada was very angry about the fans rushing the floor and comments directed towards them by our brethren up north. NU’s center broke a fire alarm and had to be restrained by the coaches, then the coaches wanted to get into it with the cops. Cops would not have anything to do with it and repeated 20 times. Shut up and get into the locker-room now.

I didn’t see the game nor saw it on local news in Utah. Sad for their behavior of NU Players & Coaches. I never thought about fans rushing to the floor after a big win and good for them. Coach Smith of USU is a classy guy and I would love to have him at BYU.

So, you have nothing of importance to add here :slight_smile:

Not at all. They did the same thing against SF after leading by 14. But, lost.

Actually I can help out so grasshopper can get up to speed. The reason people are talking about the Utah State game is that a lot of cougarfans live in Utah and they follow Utah St. basketball as well. The fact that Utah St. beat Nevada is a good thing because BYU lost to Nevada and beat Utah St. so it helps BYU’s cause somewhat.

Unfortunately, Utah St. has improved since the season began and since that loss to BYU. If they played each other on a neutral court today, I believe Utah St. would probably be favored to win. BYU has not improved much because they don’t develop the players and team from beginning to end. Utah St. has a much better chance to make the ncaa tournament.