USU, a barometer game

6 pm Sat, at viviant smart arena SLC.
Neutral court- BYU played UNLV at VSA last-advantage BYU

Matchups- we match up pretty good, that’s the good news.
USU uses a lot of 6’5-6’6 players, as does BYU. BYU has Barcello, a belter defender by far and ManChilds. USU as deadeye Merrell and king kong Queta.

USU runs its entire offense through Merrell. He is a killer 46% from 3. Toolson, Harding, Seljaas can all guard him as he can’t get his own shot, uses screens, pick and rolls etc.

Bean is the true utility man for USU. He does all his work inside. would be good for Childs to guard.

Brito and Miller are a lot like our Toolson/Harding. Just do a lot of everything.

X factor has to be Queta, 7 footer looked at the NBA draft last year. Newly back from a dislocated knee cap in summer action. they held him out last night along with Merrell, but he was in good form in the OT Fresno St game. Queta can defend Childs one on one and that is the problem…BYU will never have an open man, as was the case in the Nev game.

This is a too close to call game…BYU’s outside shooting vs USU’s work inside. USU is too much like BYU, meaning they trust each other and spread the love… and too well of a coached team to say BYU can enforce it’s will. USU will kill BYU if it goes to the line like Utah did, they are 77% from FTs while BYU is 71%.

BYU has Barcello, Toolson, Childs that can wreak havoc. USU really does not have a quick player can stop Haws in his tracks. Porter is good but foul happy.

Not a lot of athletes on either team, just a lot of very smart players who play together. If BYU hits 3s, we win. If not and USU gets Childs or Haws in foul trouble, BYU is in big trouble.

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The loss to Utah was because of 20 turnovers. Limit that to 10 or 12 and we win by double digits with no comeback and no injured Childs. By the way, looks like the Pickle Juice is working.
So, as with USU, we must not have 20 turnovers to win. We do need to shoot 3’s better than 32%.
I think if Childs is 100% he will get the 7’ in foul trouble.

I can’t really call this game-Child’s has a game like Nevada we lose-Child’s has monster game we win-easy-Childs is key as he will be in most big games

Childs was double teamed in the Nev game. USU tries the same thing, they will lose. BYU has 5 players that have the green light to shoot when they are open. USU has to hope they can get it done with Queta on Childs.

I haven’t seen Queta so it will be interesting to check him out. I’m calling it a BYU win, as it’s not a road game and hopefully good officiating