UT at Arlington is first up

Wednesday is first opponent in the NIT. They have beaten some good teams including St. Mary’s. They have lost to some weak teams like we have. Hope we come to play and utilize our talent better.

So how is BYU going to do that? Are they planning on an effortless defense or will they play hard?

Will the “superstars” be willing to play as a team or do they need to “get theirs”. Will we see the mature team that played unselfish and together against Gonzaga or will we see the selfish crybabies that were owned by St. Mary’s 3 times this season?

On a side note, too bad we don’t have Bartley for this game. He scored 22 in an upset win against UT Arlington only a week ago. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Too bad BYU can’t (or wouldn’t) “utilize his talent”. I’m guessing he would have probably sat and watched LP3 & Co. all season and this game in particular.

Rose is going to sit the LP3 and that will teach them accountability. We will blame the LP3 for the loss because they are selfish and lazy. LP3 will transfer or in Mika’s case go for the NBA draft. Next year we will be midgets and score 30 points a game. Rose will quit and Cleveland will take over.

So, UT’s point guard is not playing. That should help. They are more experienced as they are a senior and junior team. We are young and inexperienced. Should be a good game.

So, blah blah blah. That should help. They are blah blah blah as they are a blah blah blah. We are blah blah blah. Should be a good game.