Utah blows a 14 point lead

and loses to Ohio State 48-45.

To be fair, their starting QB Cam Rising went down in the fourth quarter.

i did have to cheer their backup QB Barnes because he comes from Milford, Utah…. my Dad’s hometown.:joy:

And Ohio State didn’t really want to play the game.

I don’t remember Ohio State saying didn’t want to play in this Rose Bowl game except those five players opt out in this game.
I wanted UTAH to win because I can’t stand tOhioState

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Too bad Utah couldn’t hold on-can’t stand Ohio State😉

I usually route for any team from Utah, but after the loss in our bo game. Some Utah fans were being obnoxious about how good their team was.

So I am glad that they were humbled.

Ya, Ohio State had 5 of their best player opt out. So, Utah losing their QB, they still couldn’t win.
Ole Miss lost their 1St round QB from my area, Ventura. He hurt an ankle and is hobbling around on crutches during the Baylor game. It’s definately a personal decision to play in a bowl game when a high draft pick. Good for him.

I have numerous family from the Salt Lake area that attended the U, plus I used to work for the University of Utah, so I generally cut them some slack as they are rabid, but polite fans. Unfortunately, the actions of a minority, ruin it for the majority. I have a problem with Ohio State, because they are often being accused of NCAA violations, but little is done about it or if they are reprimanded the penalties seem minor. I’m fairly certain that money talks. Some fans are just adults acting like spoiled children. I remember some years ago when BYU was having a terrible year, some BYU fans were accused of spitting on their own players. Reprehensible behavior in my book of life.

Actually, Utah had four of their best DB’s not able to play in the game. They took the backup RB and put him on the corner (Bernard). Neither Defense would have anything to shout out about during that game.

Hope the QB Cam Rising didn’t get a concussion, those are not fun, and it makes it easier for the second one to come (just ask Jaren Hall).

Although you deleted your post Scott, I have it on email :open_mouth:

I think BYU fans are like any other fans, you have your good ones and then you have some that you have to wonder if they were ever taught the concept of public modicum. I have personally seen some BYU fans behavior that I wonder just how committed to the church they are.

I have also been to Utah games where fans were fun to be around with friendly banter and nothing disgusting or vulgar. Then again, if you go anywhere near the student section, I doubt you will find those kinds of fans.

One reason I dislike Ohio State is the fact that they hid the involvement of Urban Meyers when his assistant was abusing his wife, Meyers knew about it and did nothing until it became public.

I didn’t figure Sr. Burton could handle it. I knew you could and understand the trouble with spreading rumors. Ya, I can’t stand Ohio St. for that reason and others.

One time I did sit in the RES student section back in 2004 against Texas A&M first game end of August. My son was in the Utah marching band and he got me the ticket to this game. Anyway one student not too far below me was wearing a T-shirt with BYU logo in the middle of this big flipping bird on his shirt. That really turned me off and nothing was done that the Security did nothing to him. And what’s really odd he wore that shirt late August and BYU was not playing them until November.

Anyway UTAH gone undefeated that year and played in the Fiesta Bowl against Pitt. After that game my son joined in the Marine Corps after his first semester at the u.

Anyway Floyd I am sure there are some obnoxious u fans at university Utah too.

I was contrasting how some fans on this site won’t believe we have obnoxious fans or that there are only obnoxious urah fans type stereotypes.

Yes there are obnoxious fans at every school, but you can’t paint the fans based on a few knuckleheads

So, you were at a U of U game in the student section and you saw what you assumed to be a BYU fan because he was wearing a derogatory symbol on his shirt with a BYU on it also. May I suggest that he was not a BYU fan, student or alumni. But, he got you to think so…

Reading comprehension problems again?

He went to a UofU game and saw a student(Utah) wearing a BYU shirt with a finger on it.

No where dies he say he assumed it was a BYU student. In fact, it makes no sense for a BYU student to be wearing an offensive shirt about BYU.

Did he say it was a UofU fan? No. So, I just clarified the probable truth.

He said:

Setting in Rice Eccles Student section, sees a BYU shirt being warned by a “Student” in the Student Section of Rice Eccles Stadium… Logic dictates that it was a Utah Student wearing the T-shirt in the Student section of Rice Eccles Stadium.

I have an idea that it was probably a Utah fan and the shirt was directed at BYU with the bird flipping thing on it. There is a good chance that you misunderstood what was going on, especially if they were sitting in the Utah student section.

Precisely what I said. Now, can we get Floyd on board with this too. Probably not. 🥸

What? I think Floyd is totally on board. This is what he just posted before my post -

Setting in Rice Eccles Student section, sees a BYU shirt being warned by a “Student” in the Student Section of Rice Eccles Stadium… Logic dictates that it was a Utah Student wearing the T-shirt in the Student section of Rice Eccles Stadium.

He said “logic dictates that it was a Utah student” I think that is pretty clear. What isn’t clear is your reading comprehension skills. I think this thread proves it it an issue. :joy:

We didn’t make it 1 day into the new year before Hopper has his hook in and pulling ….