Utah vs Florida

Anyone watch the game?
Watched it because my wife is a fan and graduated from Utah.

I don’t know if Utah is that good or if Florida was that bad.

Three times Florida was in the red zone and their offensive line miscued three out the four times they were in there. Every time Florida got moving, they would implode and do something stupid to cause a penalty.

No, this was an SEC officiating crew, so you can’t even blame the officials.
Utah scored most of their points in the first half. one TD in the second.

I will admit, I cheered on the Utah QB Barnes for the simply reason he is from the same hometown as my now departed dad. Milford, Utah (about 40 west of Beaver).

In another football game, BYU women’s football beat #1 UCLA women’s football 3 - 1!!!

wanted to watch but spectrum is feuding with Disney so ESPN didn’t show it. They only showed a message on Spectrum about how much they care about their customers and didn’t want to raise rates.

That’s a pile of you know what. I dumped my TV with spectrum because I was already paying too much.

Corporate America and our political system are crap right now.

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I use hulu channel plus to get the ESPN channels and have google fiber as my internet provider.

Works pretty good, I can turn off the option for the channels when the season is over and go back the next fall,

It is a little expensive, but not like Comcast of satellite.

Google, fiber optic? I’m wondering if I can get it where I’m not too far from where you live. I get tired of Comcast. How much difference in price, is it like two times more than Comcast or something? No I don’t watch TV anymore but I do listen to games.

no surprises, Florida is THAT BAD. and Utah defense is vintage top 5. Whitt has always ravaged the O for defense. never would of won the P12 twice without gunslinger, Cam Rising. In the Big 12 and the all out offenses, Utah would lose to 5-6 teams easy without Rising today. and I will name them. Ok, Tex, UCF, Kansas, Kansas St. With Rising, Utah could beat any of them.

Utah a Baylor. not sure what Baylor is going through right now but it sure feels like the overlooked Texas State. I’ll go with Utah. in a tight one. Vegas has a Utah -7.5 spread