Utah vs Washington

I am going to enjoy a good ol butt kicking tomorrow.

Other games I will enjoy since BYU is on a bye…CU vs. FSU and WVU vs. OSU

Watching a little bit of college gameday here and wow… the utes are still the dumbest schmuck fans on the planet.

There are times I want to see the utes do well and there are times I don’t. Seriously, I hope they get their collective rear ends kicked today vs. Washington. It has nothing to do with the players… it is all about the fans and their head coach. They are in desperate need of some humility.

What is the obsession with BYU that ute fans have? It has always been curious to me.


I feel exactly the same way Jim. I was a big Ute fan at one point but I just can’t take the arrogance anymore. I love watching them lose. Also, don’t forget Virginia vs. WVU. I have that one dvr’d too.

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Heart break loss for Virginia. Yes, Bronco is building the program there and they only have two wins this year. They took a fifth ranked team all the way to the wire and just couldn’t quite get the job done. I think their program is starting to come around. Utah got beat by a great UW team. Credit Utah’s defense for stiffening up after UW took a 14-0 early lead. In the end, the best team won. I didn’t see the Boise State game but I heard they were beaten by Wyoming. Really?!!

Wyoming had an incredible game. They would have beaten us hands down if they played the way they did. I started out pulling for Boise State just because a loss would make BYU look worse, but I involuntarily swung over to the scrappy Cowboys in the fourth quarter. They absolutely deserved to win. They were the better team.

And yeah, the VA loss was heartbreaking.

Sad to see BSU go down like that. Utah, as much as I hate them, there still is that flicker of wanting them to do well…but then I think of Krystowhack and I smile.

The real news of the day was how in a matter of hours Baylor and WVU lost and that knocked the dysfunctional little 10 out of any chance of playing in the BCS playoff 4. You would only hope that at the end of the year and they see what could of been, that they come to their senses and include BYU and one more.

Yeah, you’ve got to love seeing the Big 12 teams go down. Maybe they ARE only another MWC team as one of the BIG 12 Presidents was quoted as saying last week.

I never root against BSU except when we play them…that was a baaaaaad loss for them, but they didn’t look anywhere close to a NYD bowl team against BYU anyway. The Little 10 just shot itself in the foot. Again.

Just saw in the paper that Travis Tuiloma is finished at BYU. He will need surgery on his knee. It is such a shame when one of the most gifted defensive players is injured so much of his career. He was dominant when healthy. His injuries and career eerily mirror that of Taysom (knee and lis-franc).

A real shame because I was told by a really good source inside the program that Tuiloma was considered almost a sure thing by the NFL scouts. Maybe he recovers like Uoni Unga and still makes the league…