Utah's Kyle Whittingham is early candidate for Coach of the Year FOX Sports Oct 1, 2015 at 3:27p ET

He, Kyle, is now #4 in the Nation for the Utes and #1 in the pac 12.

We cougars keep getting better but in doing so, we can’t keep up with the Utes or the Boise State Broncos.

My question is, What are we going to do about it? Business as usual ???

Utah has given us the roadmap, join a P5 conference, recruit with that conference backing, hire coaches committed to winning, and good things will happen to the program.

Can’t help but think what would have happened if Kyle would have accepted our offers.

12 years ago Me and my son were at the u football weight training room (youth weight lifting trials). I Spoke to Kyle Whitingham why he didn’t accept the offer at BYU. He didn’t say anything and just walk away.
Who knows some day he either be fired or walk away from that school and walk his way to BYU which would be nice.

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What do you think would have happened? Do you think the pac 12 would have invited BYU to join, because of KW? I don’t.

Keeping that in mind, how would things be any different? particularly noting that, according to you, their success is a direct result of joining a P5 conference and hiring coaches committed to winning.

It sounds so easy…

Don’t remember that KW was on the hot seat a year ago?

Ok not sure if more wins, BCS games, or developing NFL talent would help us…oh wait never mind.

Yes we would be in a much better position as a program and although our BIG12 membership is all but locked in for 2017, we would have avoided the financial disaster these last few years have been for the program. Expenses way up, and revenues flat, combined with a dwindling donor contributions and a huge hit to the universities endowment, yes, his influence would have helped the program and the school in more ways than just wins on the field.

You forgot to mention that the situation and circumstance is exactly the same at BYU and Utah. There are no visible differences, let alone any hidden ones that might exist between the two campuses, the academic standards, the moral standards (honor code, etc.) or any other issues that might create a unique situation, etc. No… it is exactly the same.

So then, with that realization that I’m sure all of us agree on :wink: your comment makes perfect sense. If Bronco had gone to Utah and KW had come to BYU, the cougars would have been invited to the pac 12 along with colorado, BYU would be going to bcs games and developing nfl talent and winning more games. I didn’t realize one person would be the key to all of that happening.

Thanks for enlightening on this very interesting topic. I’m confident that everyone will agree with your opinion and perspective. :smiley:

Seems to me that the earlier there is an official announcement of BYU joining the BIG 12 the more positive impact that would have on our recruiting. When will the announcement be made, after the first 3 games of the 2017 season.

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It will be no later than next summer. Still some details to be sorted out, including who all of the members of the new BIG12 will be. Should be a very exciting off season for our program.

Before joining the Pac 12, they, the Utes, hired Urban Myers to get the ball rolling.
Before joining the Pac 12, they won 3 big BCS Bowls.
They joined the Pac 12 as a new comer with Colorado but unlike Colorado, the rose to be the #1 team in the Pac 12 and #4 in the Nation.

If this is the road map that we are to following, how can we start that road map by hiring an Urban Myer type coach. that could get us into and winning in 3 P4 playoffs and be #1 as an Independent before being offered a spot in the Pac 12/14 conference?

Let the GPS begin.

don’t hold your breath. It isn’t going to happen.

If hiring the right coaches, and benefiting from their success in 3 BCS bowls, is not related to being invited into the Pac 8/10/12, than what is it that you think got them into the Pac 12?

I agree with you that there is no simple answer, but logic tells me that the hiring of Urban Myer, and having Whittingham learn from him, and together, their success with those 3 BCS bowls did have more to do with the Utes getting into the pac 10/12 than anything else.

A lack of that success, along with other issues, (demands), keep "BYU from the invitations.
What difference of opinion to you really have, specifically speaking. (Not generically generalizing). Thanks for your input Jim. Always nice to hear from you.

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Jim doesn’t believe that utah or TCU benifited from their BCS bowl seasons, yet he still believes the tea party are just a bunch of good guys trying to support the constitution.

So many naive people in the fold.

One of the biggest reasons the PAC 12 expanded into Salt Lake City and the Denver area is they wanted to increase their revenues and capture large and growing TV markets. Didn’t hurt that there was some football talent in both areas. The PAC12 did not need 2 teams so close together in the Salt Lake market and chose the more successful program and the one with less complications. College football is ALL about the green these days and about little else than the green.

Honestly Ron, I do not understand why you are so wrapped up in BYU football when (at least the way you have written here) you seem so opposed to the LDS Church related rules that is the Hon Code, Sunday play, LDS Head Coach, etc. I really do not understand, it FEELS or SEEMS like you are angry with those LSD related “restrictions.” And I admit, I may have it all wrong. IMO, if we have to give up our LDS “uniqueness” then so be it. I would like us to climb to the top but take our LDS uniqueness along with us. I do think the HC could be done away with and have behavior and performance judged by those appropriate to judge. Don’t think there is any way to MAKE young or old behave. But that pretty much is my only caveat (and I could certainly be criticized with inconsistency here).

cherry picking a comment or two and making assumptions that are not relevant… not much I can say about that. The Pac 12 wanted to expand just like all of the P5 BIG MONEY conferences so they could control the flow of MONEY to their conference and schools. They went after the SLC television market, didn’t recognize that Colorado isn’t a very reliable partner and the Denver market could care less because they are all about the Broncos and left BYU out because of religious bias. Utah’s success was a nice side benefit, but not the driving force behind their invitation to the Pac 12. I don’t agree with KC or RU about what is really going on.

On another note, I was watching college game day this morning and noticed that Kyle is a stiff. His moment of fame was wasted with a dry, canned persona of stats and irrelevant comments. Perhaps he is more interesting in person. As for the Ute fans… same old schtick as the majority of their “signs” were focused on disparaging their opponent, anything associated with BYU (Sark, mormons, etc.) and not really focused on their own team and rooting for Utah. Sad culture… and a big part of the reason they were so ignorantly silent when they went undefeated a few years ago and said nothing about how they should have been included in the discussion of national champions. They don’t really know how to root for their own team… and the obsession with being so anti-BYU (and everything else) is what seems to motivate them more than anything else. Gotta love the pathetic Utes and their culture… :frowning:

I, too, noticed the signs on Game Day and came to the same conclusion as you. Amazing that with Utah’s high ranking, their undefeated season, the national exposure from tonight’s game, the dismantling of Oregon two weeks ago, etc. etc, some of the signs referenced Mormons and Provo. Interesting that BYU is instilled so much in their heads. It really is pathetic.